Sweet Strawberry Marshmallow Cake

It is often said, “there is no sincerer love than the love of food”. Festive season gives boost to the foodaholics. Season of desserts is never ending. Marshmallow Cake very much resembles to that of cheesecake, but it’s actually not the one. Cheese cake is very heavy. In this case, the butter biscuit base gives the crunchy crisp feeling. Creaminess of Marshmallow is very rich and creamy.

The tartness of strawberry jello gives it a perfect blend of sweet with tinge of tangy taste. There is no doubt that strawberry is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness. The pink color of the cake is itself very enticing. This January, let us wish everyone Happy New Year with the creamy and fruity Strawberry Marshmallow Cake.


Sweet Strawberry Marshmallow Cake
Sweet Strawberry Marshmallow Cake

For Base-

200 gms digestive biscuits,
80 gms melted butter

For Marshmallow filling-

230 gms marshmallow,
150 ml fresh milk,
300 ml whip cream,
2 tsp of gelatine powder

Jello topping-

90 gms raspberry/strawberry jello,
400 ml of water,
2 tsp of gelatine powder

Preparation method:-

1. Crushed digestive biscuits and mix well with melted butter. Press into a 7” tin. Refrigerate for later use.

2. For Marshmallow filling, put all the ingredients mentioned under it, into a pot. Boil over small fire and stir continuously until gelatine is dissolved.

3. For Jello topping, boil all ingredients mentioned under it, until dissolved.

4. Now, assembling the cake. Pour marshmallow filling into the prepared baking tin with biscuit base.

5. Put in freezer until slightly harden but not totally frozen. Take it out and arrange sliced fresh strawberries on top of the filling.

6. Put it back to freezer to harden a little. When slightly harden take it out and pour the slightly cooled jello on it.

7. Put in fridge to chill. Cut into small pieces to serve.

Celebrated New Year with Yummy Cake
Celebrated New Year with Yummy Cake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Strawberry Marshmallow Cake!!!



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