4 Delightful Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes!

It's Thanksgiving today and many of you must be confused about the menu. Why not introduce some new dessert recipes to the menu today? It will be refreshing and fun, isn't it? Come, let's make it all easy for you. Thank us later! Maple Pecan Pie Prep time: 20 minutes Bake time: 1 hour Total... Continue Reading →

Cheers with London Beer Week

Yes, it is back! The great London Beer Week, 2016. Pals, you will not get a better chance to explore London’s breweries and best beer bars and get that lite dizzy teasy feeling if you aren’t hunting for this. The event would be loaded with lot of refreshing beer at London Beer Week Hub, Old... Continue Reading →

Scary Menu for the Halloween Party

Hey pals! Hope you my Halloween cocktails were spooky enough to be on the menu list of Halloween cocktails. I have yet amazing stuff to stuff you with. Check out my scary menu right away. Deadly Meatloafs - There is flesh (minced beef), there is blood (tomato sauce), there are eyeballs (mashed potato) and teeth... Continue Reading →

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