Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Trifle

It was my grandma’s birthday and I decided to prepare a sweet treat for her. She is diabetic, but who says not to consume chocolate while we are watching our sugar intake. She is very fond of desserts just like me. Last time I prepared Diabetic-friendly Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe to cheer her up on this... Continue Reading →

Cheers with Valentine’s Day Cocktails

A good date's first impression is as essential as a refreshing cocktail, oozing with love. Whether it is a sit-down dinner date at restaurant, a movie at home, party at bar or more creative ventures, certainly a stimulating cocktail makes the time most memorable. The classic and all-time great cocktails opens way to perfect blend... Continue Reading →

The Foodie Affair…

Food for love life?? Yes, we’ve got some delights and combos that add your romantic mood. So improve your love life. Just follow these:- The sensuous feeling- Some food are tempting and enticing naturally. This may be because of their texture or color. Red wine and chocolates are the best you can give your girlfriend... Continue Reading →

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