Two-way Vegan and Gluten-free Oatmeal Recipes

How about trying a vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free recipe? I’m sure at this moment just one thing strikes your mind. Will this vegan recipe be boring or tasty? Well, it simply depends on the cooking method and the ingredients you use to either kick a recipe or make a recipe yet bland. Let’s try both the sweet and spicy versions of healthy oatmeal. This breakfast recipe is definitely going to add some sweet and spice to your life keeping the health factor in consideration.

Sweet Vegan Oatmeal Recipe

Vegan Sweet Oatmeal for Breakfast
Vegan Sweet Oatmeal for Breakfast


1/3 cup Water,

1/3 cup rolled Oats,

2/3 cup Almond Milk,

1/2 sliced ripe Banana,

1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon,

Strawberry as Required,

1 tablespoon Ground flax,

2 tablespoons Chia seeds.

Preparation Method:-

    1. The night before: Grab a medium bowl and mash the banana until smooth. Now stir in the chia, oats, cinnamon, milk, and water until combined. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
    2. In the morning: Scoop the oat mixture into a medium pot. Increase heat to medium-high and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat immediately to medium-low, and stir frequently until heated throughout and thickened. At the end of cooking, stir in flax.
    3. Pour oats into bowl. Garnish with your desired toppings!

Vegetable Oatmeal Recipe

Vegan Spicy Oatmeal for Breakfast
Vegan Spicy Oatmeal for Breakfast


2 cups Oatmeal,

Salt as Required,

150 gms Carrots,

Water as required,

1 large size Onions,

50 gms Green peas,

1/4 tsp Black Pepper,

150 gms Runner beans,

1/2 teaspoon Garlic paste,

3 tablespoons Cooking Oil,

1/2 teaspoon Ginger paste,

1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds,

Quarter tsp Turmeric powder,

Coriander leaves for garnishing,

1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder.


Preparation Method:-

  1. Boil vegetables, except onions with half tsp of salt and bit of black pepper. Keep it aside and let it cool.
  2. Cook oatmeal in two cups of water in a non-stick saucepan. Bring it down till the desired consistency is achieved. Heat three tbsp of cooking oil in a frying pan.
    Once the oil is heated add mustard seeds. Allow it to crackle. Add ginger and garlic paste to it and stir fry until it turns light brown. Then add diced onions to it, till it turns golden brown.
  3. Add turmeric powder, red chili powder to the sauteed onions. Cook for one minute and then add the boiled vegetables and oatmeal into it. Add salt as per taste. Stir for 1 minute. Remove from flame.
    Serve hot!

Enjoy healthy diet!




Cheers with Beer on Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest, the 16 days beer fest is celebrated in Germany annually, for the honor of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage. The vibrant fest stretches from September 19 to October 4, 2015. Let’s revive some facts and yummz.

  • It must not be surprising if I say around 2 million beer gallons is consumed by 6 million people at the fest.

  • Different tents offer different kind of beer.

  • Capacity a tent can accommodate is 10,000 people.

  • The traditional stein costs around $13 (33 Ounces).

  • People with hangover can rest on the beds arranged by the Red Cross society.

  • Best recipes offered on the fest includes:-

  1. Brezn (pretzel)

  2. Wurstl (sausages)

  3. Haxn (pork knuckle)

  4. Hendl (roasted chicken)

  5. Weisswurst (white sausage)

  6. Kaasspotzn (cheese noodles)

  7. Schweinsbraten (roasted pork)

  8. Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes)

  9. Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on stick)

  10. Knodeln (potato/bread dumplings)

  11. Obatzda (spicy cheese-butter concoction)

  12. Sauerkraut or Rotkraut (pickled red cabbage)

Do try my Fried Chicken recipe with Beer Dip. It would pair very well with following Cocktails.

The Eclipse

Strawberry and Blueberry Beer Cocktail
                                                                      Strawberry and Blueberry Beer Cocktail


Ginger beer,

6 Blueberries,

3 Mint leaves,

4 Strawberries,

1½ oz. Sour Mix,

1½ oz. Tequila.

Preparation Method:-

  1. Muddle strawberries, blueberries, and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker.

  2. Add tequila and sour mix. Shake vigorously and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with beer. Enjoy!

El Ayudacal

Agave Lemon Beer Cocktail
                                                                             Agave Lemon Beer Cocktail


1 Lime zest,

1 bottle Beer,

1½ oz. Lime Juice,

½ oz. Agave Nectar,

Lime wheel for Garnishing.

Preparation Method:-

  1. Combine lime juice, agave nectar, and lime zest in a glass.

  2. Add beer and stir gently. Garnish with a lime wheel. Enjoy!

Dance with Beer!

Paint the World Red with La Tomatina Festival

The great cultural extravaganza Spanish food fight festival, La Tomatina is here. Hope you enjoyed my last year’s tomato and meat recipe, Meatballs with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce. The fest gets popular from year to year with the streets of Bunol running blood red with juicy tomato. The festival is welcomed by singing, dancing, parades, fireworks etc.

The festival is complete fun but let’s adhere to the rules as well. Just have a look:-

-Bring your goggles to avoid acidic tomato pulp going into the eyes

-Squish tomatoes before throwing on one another such that it does not hurt anyone

-Avoid bottles and other sharp objects

-Girls must wear bikini underneath clothes

-Wear tight and strong shoes.

Let’s add some more spice to La Tomatina with Spicy Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Tortellini Soup

Spicy Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Tortellini Soup
Spicy Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Tortellini Soup


1 Clove Garlic,

Salt as required,

6 oz. fresh Tortellini,

1 quart Chicken Broth,

8 leaves chopped Basil,

1 chopped Green Chilly,

10 oz. chopped Spinach,

Black Pepper as required,

2 tablespoons Unsalted Butter,

Freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano,

14 oz. canned diced fire Roasted Tomatoes with liquid.

Preparation Method:-

  1. Melt butter in a saucepan. Put over medium-high heat. Add garlic, chillies and saute until fragrant. This takes two minutes. Add chicken broth and bring to a boil.

  2. Now add tortellini and cook halfway for two minutes. Add canned tomatoes and their liquid. Reduce heat to simmer. Cook until the tortellini is soft.

  3. Stir fry spinach and basil in butter for five minutes on simmer. Add this and cheese in soup and cook for 2 minutes.

  4. Serve hot! I love pairing the soup with cheese and garlic bread. What do you pair it with?

Tomatina Festival, Bunol, Spain
Tomatina Festival, Bunol, Spain

Enjoy La Tomatina!

Celebrate Nepali New Year with Pork Choila

Bisket Jatra marks the starting of the Nepali New Year, AKA Navavarsha. The celebration of the festival goes on for a week. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show accompanied by parades, parties, family get together and ofcourse huge family dinner. Infact, for a foodie like me, that’s the best part, haha! Bhaktapur looks beautiful that day as it is sponsors the most exciting annual events right at the Kathmandu valley. A huge chariot, that carries the idols of Bhairab God, is dragged by number of villagers to the Khalna Tole. The tug of war competition takes place between the Eastern and Western sides of town, accompanied by huge applause.

Spicy Pork Choila
Spicy Pork Choila

Hope you enjoyed my meat recipe, red meat gravy, which was an authentic recipe of Rajasthan, India. Now here I am with one more traditional recipe called Choila. Choila is very popular dish in Nepal and relished by the localites. Choila can be made with any kinda meat, be it chicken, duck, beef or pork. I’ve tried the one with pork. The recipe is very spicy but you can make minor alteration as per taste. Traditionally served with the local beaten rice, the dish is definitely a winner in all respect. So let’s celebrate the Nepali New Year with Pork Choila.


For Curry

3 lbs. boneless Pork,

1 teaspoon Turmeric,

Salt and Pepper to taste,

1 tablespoon Chili paste,

1/8 teaspoon Asafoetida,

2 tablespoons Mustard oil,

1 tablespoon Garlic paste,

1 tablespoon Ginger paste,

2 tablespoons Lemon juice,

1 tablespoon Cumin powder,

1/4 teaspoon grated Nutmeg,

1/4 teaspoon Sichuan pepper,

3 medium diced, boiled and fried potatoes.

Marinade for Choila

1 inch sliced ginger,

5 sliced Red chilies,

3 minced Garlic cloves,

1/2 teaspoon Turmeric,

Salt and pepper to taste,

1/8 teaspoon Asafoetida,

3 tablespoons Mustard oil,

1 tablespoon toasted Cumin seeds.

For Garnish

1 teaspoon Fenugreek,

2 minced Garlic cloves,

2 tablespoons Mustard oil,

1/2 chopped Green onion,

Handful chopped Coriander.

Preparation Method:-

  1. In a large bowl, combine the ingredients for curry into a paste.  Add pork chops to the paste and mix to coat thoroughly. Set aside for two hours.

  2. Then, grill the chops until cooked thoroughly. Cut into 1/2 inch cubes when done. Now prepare a smooth paste of marinade for Choila.

  3. In a bowl, mix the smooth paste, of marinade for Choila, with the grilled pork cubes. Pour two tablespoons of mustard oil, toss it well to coat thoroughly.

  4. Add into a wok, along with potatoes, and cook thoroughly till the paste blends well with the pork. This will take 20 minutes on slow. You can simply use boiled potatoes or boiled and fried potatoes here.

  5. For garnishing, in a pan, heat two tablespoons of oil, splitter fenugreek till it turns dark. Add garlic and fry till light brown.

  6. Pour this oil mixture over the cooked meat. Add green onions (optional) and coriander. Toss the meat. Serve with steamed rice.

Bisket Jatra Celebration
Bisket Jatra Celebration

Happy New Year!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Traditional Almond Cookies

Chinese New Year is here! There is gonna be lots of firework in China, symbolizing the festive spirit. It is believed that Buddha invited all the forest animals to invite him on a particular day. Twelve of them appeared and Buddha named a year after each one of them. New year calls for a huge get together and Chinese food is my all time favorite. People pay a visit to each other’s house, share meals, gifts and of course happiness.

Crunchy Cookies!
Crunchy Cookies!

In Chinese culture, red color is considered sacred. It symbolizes fire, which means bad luck is driven away. People wear red color garments, children write short poems on red paper. Children are given luck money in red envelopes. In ancient times, the tribals lit up bamboo stalks. They believed this would drive away the evil spirits and that they can lead a peaceful life. So lets pay a visit to our friend’s place with a box of traditional almond cookies.


1 pinch salt,

100 ml corn oil,

1 beaten egg yolk,

150 gm plain flour,

100 gm caster sugar,

100 gm ground almonds,

100 gm blanched almonds,

3/4 teaspoon baking soda,

3/4 teaspoon baking powder.

Preparation Method:-

1. Sieve the flour, caster sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Add the ground almonds to the flour and sugar mixture.

2. Slowly trickle in the corn oil to this bowl. Blend until a cohesive dough forms. Heat the oven to 180 D.C. Roll the dough into small balls, place almonds above them and press a bit as shown.

3. Place on a baking tray. Make cookies until all the dough is used up. Lightly glaze the top of the cookie balls with the beaten egg yolk.

4. Bake for 20 minutes, or until the cookies become slightly golden. Leave to cool. Enjoy the homemade cookies.

Enjoy the Year!
Enjoy the Year!

Happy New Year!

Gift Strawberry Macaroons on Valentine’s Day

It’s well said, “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” I completely agree with this saying. Do you? You can do anything to see your baby smile. Gift your valentine, something that’s original, homemade and your creativity. Isn’t that a great idea? I’m sure it’s gonna win the heart. Nothing would be better than gifting soft, lite pink strawberry macaroons made with your whole heart and soul. The best part is that you can add in any cream filling, keeping in mind the choice of your partner. Hope you liked my crazy Valentine’s Day ideas. For now let’s start with this sweet affair.

Yummy Macaroons!
Yummy Macaroons!


4 large egg whites,

1/3 cup caster sugar,

1 1/2 cups icing sugar,

4 teaspoons almond meal,

Food coloring as per choice.

Preparation Method:-

1. Preheat the oven to 150 D.C. Place egg whites and caster sugar in a bowl. Beat with blender until stiff enough to turn the bowl upside down without it falling out. Continue to whip for 2 more minutes.

2. Add gel or powdered food coloring and continue to mix for a further 30 seconds. Sift the almond meal and icing sugar and salt twice, discarding almond lumps.

3. Add the egg white mixture. Pipe onto trays lined with baking paper. Prefer heart shape if you are gifting.

4. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Check if one comes off the tray clean, if not bake for a little longer.

5. When cool, taking two, add in the cream of your choice. I prefer strawberry cream. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Raksha Bandhan with Indian Desserts

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of the most important Hindu festival. This year it is falling on August 10, 2014. It is a bond of protection. It is a ceremony that includes tying of sacred thread (now-a-days fancy ones), on the wrist. Sisters tie this thread on their brother’s hand signifying eternal bond of love and the promise to protect them throughout their life. According to Hindu mythology, Indrani, the wife of Lord Indra started this practice. Lord Indra had lost his kingdom when he had a fight against the demons. Lord Vishnu advised Indrani to recite sacred prayers and tie a sacred thread around her husband’s wrist, and as she did so, Lord Indra defeated the demons and got back the throne. Rakhee signifies protecting the weak. Raksha Bandhan is accompanied by number of Indian desserts and sweets like ladoos, gulabjamun, barfi, rasgulla etc. Here, I present before you tasty Indian Desserts.

Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun – Gulab Jamun are dumplings made up of thickened or reduced milk that is soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup.


3 cups Sugar,

6 cups Water,

1 cup Double cream,

3 cups Powdered milk,

1 1/2 cups All purpose flour,

2 Tablespoons Rose water,

Sunflower oil for deep frying,

1 1/2 Teaspoon Baking powder,

1 Tablespoon Cardamom powder.

Preparation Method:-

1. Mix the water and sugar in a deep pan and boil till all the sugar is dissolved. Turn-off the flame and add the cardamom powder and rose water. Mix well and keep aside. Mix the milk powder, all purpose flour and baking powder, well. Add a little of the thickened cream at a time to them and knead to make a dough that is medium soft but not sticky. Don’t use all the cream.

2. Make small balls of dough with the palm. Heat the oil for deep frying in a wide pan on a medium flame. Fry the dumplings, stirring often to brown completely. Do not cook on very high heat as the dumplings will burn on the outside and remain raw inside.

3. When cooked, drain, remove the dumplings from the oil and transfer immediately into the sugar syrup. Repeat this till all the dumplings are cooked and added to the syrup.

4. Allow the dumplings to soak in the syrup for 2 hours before serving. Serve with ice-cream or condensed milk!


Rasmalai – Rasmalai is another popular Indian dessert that is prepared from Indian cottage cheese. Ras stands for juice and malai means cream. Rasmalai means the spongy cottage cheese balls soaked in goodness of rich saffron flavored creamy cool milk. First of all, the milk made thick on slow heat, stirring it again and again with strands of saffron and sugar. Then the already prepared spongy cottage cheese balls are thrown in the milk, allowing it to soak the milk but not completely. It is garnished with slivered pistachio and cashew nuts. It is served either cold or at room temperature.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!
Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

FIFA World Cup 2014 Special – Secret behind Neymar’s Built

Hey fitness freaks, how are you? I know you all are over-excited about FIFA World Cup 2014. Isn’t it? I am desperately waiting for the same. I’m sure you are in love with Neymar Jr. the 22 year old Brazilian forward/winger, who came out with flying colors in FC Barcelona. Neymar, also known as Joia,  is now inspiration for many regarding agility, jaw-dropping dribbling skills, unbelievable crosses plus clear overhead shots. Today I’ll be writing about the secret diet behind his fit and fine body plus a healthy recipe.

Pasta with Basil and Clam Recipe
Pasta with Basil and Clam Recipe

Even I am very fond of Italian delights, especially pasta and lasagna, hope you liked my recipe Spinach and Cheese Lasagna. Let’s check out what keeps Neymar fit and fine. Neymar loves to eat lentils and whole grains. Among the vegetables, spinach and beet is what he likes to consume. He is fond of clams among the seafood. He is fond of pasta as well to consume right amount of carbohydrates. So lets try a brand new ‘Pasta with Basil and Clam Recipe’. Well I made it yesterday for dinner and everyone simply loved it.

Neymar's Love For Football
Neymar’s Love For Football

Pasta with Basil and Clam Recipe


Sea salt,

1 pound pasta,

1⁄3 cup olive oil,

1⁄2 cup dry white wine,

8 minced garlic cloves,

4 dozen littleneck clams,

4 tablespoons basil pesto,

1/2 teaspoon ground pepper,

1 teaspoon minced red hot pepper,

3 tablespoons minced basil leaves,

3 tablespoons minced flat-leaf parsley.

Preparation Method:-

1. Heat olive oil in a large saute pan on medium heat. Add garlic and cook until light brown, for 1 minute.

2. Add wine and clams to it. Cover tightly. Cook until clams open-up, for 8 minutes. Shake the saute pan occasionally.

3. Remove clams as they open, setting them aside in a bowl. Throw away any clams that are chipped or fail to open.

4. In the mean time, cook pasta in a large pot of boiling, salted water until tender. Drain pasta and add to clam sauce in a pan.

5. Add parsley and basil. Season to taste with salt, freshly ground black pepper, red pepper and toss with pesto.

6. Now transfer to a large serving bowl. Arrange the clams on top, sprinkle with fried garlic slices if desired.

FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil..
FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil..

It is extremely sad to hear that Brazilian star, Neymar is out of World Cup due to the injury. Neymar’s injury has left the Brazilians in a state of shock. They are worried about what would happen in the upcoming matches, though the team is headstrong. Will Brazil make it to the Finals and win the match? What do you think?

Smoothies for Weight Loss

1. Kale smoothie– Hope you liked my blog Crispy Kale Chips. So lemme start with the kale smoothie treat as well, coz I simply love it. Kale is known as the queen of greens. It helps in lowering cholesterol level and of course reducing weight. It makes a great smoothie too, lets see how.

Kale Smoothie
Kale Smoothie


½ pear,

½ lemon,

1 cup kale,

¼ avocado,

½ cucumber,

½ inch ginger,

handful of cilantro,

½ cup coconut water,

1 scoop protein powder,

1 cup pure drinking water.

Method – Blend all ingredients for the refreshing smoothie.

2. Spirulina Smoothie – Cut down your fat with this unique smoothie. Spirulina is an algae, but can be consumed by animals and human beings, infact it’s very beneficial. It is rich in protein and boosts up immune system, regulates cholesterol and controls blood pressure.

Spirulina Smoothie
Spirulina Smoothie


½ banana,

¼ avocado,

½ cup blueberries,

½ cup almond milk,

1 teaspoon spirulina,

1 cup pure drinking water,

1 scoop vanilla protein powder.

Method – Blend all ingredients and enjoy this unique smoothie.

3. Belly Soother– As the name indicates, if you really wanna have a flat and sexy belly, go for this heavenly drink. Tummy can be treated by healthy dose of probiotics that is found in tangy kefir.

Belly Soother
Belly Soother


1 cup papaya,

1 tablespoon raw honey,

2 tablespoon lime juice,

1 cup coconut kefir or coconut milk.

Method – Blend all ingredients and enjoy the coconuty drink.

4. Strawberry Goji Smoothie– Beat the scorching summer with this smoothie. Natural goji berries is not only advantageous in reducing weight but have overall health benefits also. Goji berries is also used in making herbal tea, wine and medicines. It promotes longevity.

Strawberry Goji smoothie
Strawberry Goji smoothie


1 frozen banana,

3 tablespoon Goji berries,

1 cup of coconut kefir water,

¼ cup frozen strawberries blueberries.

Method – Blend all ingredients together, relieve yourself from summer and also reduce weith with this tasty and healthy drink.

5. Fat Flush Juice – If you desire to have a flat belly, this ultra-cleansing smoothies is must for breakfast. Bit spicy due to garlic but it’s an absolute tangy treat. The results will keep asking you for more and more of it.

The Fat Flush Juice
The Fat Flush Juice


1 radish,

2 garlic cloves,

3 medium carrots,

1 medium red beet,

large handful of parsley.

Method – Blend all ingredients. Stained if desired. Have a pulpy treat for best results. Enjoy!

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