Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award

Hello friends, I am writing this post especially for thanking Malar who has nominated me for “Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award. I received this sweet notification on June 16, 2014 from her. Thanks a million, Malar for liking my food ideas, thoughts and recipes. If you go to Malar’s blog you’ll get to know about the kitchen experiments, she performs everyday. She loves trying and writing on Indian Cuisine, which is one of my favorites.

Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award
Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award

BTW if you want to contribute your recipes and get FREE PUBLICITY please check out…


In this blog I have nominated 14 other readers, who I think equally deserves the opportunity of being nominated or winning this award. Like always, even today I sincerely pray that hard work must win. Though we are bloggers, we are also readers. Writing cannot be appreciated until and unless it is read by the people.

Rules to be followed:-

1. The Nominee of Wonderful Team member Readership Award must display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar.

2. The Nominee must nominate 14 readers they like within a week and add all in a single post by end of that week or whenever their search is over.

3. The Nominee must make sure that the blogger she is nominating are aware of being nominated.

4. The Nominee must finish this sentence and post by :–  ”A Great reader is…”

Here are my 14 Dear Nominees 🙂

1. okraisnotafish

Unique desserts and salads

2. fannythefoodie

Vegan and gluten-free food ideas

3. Lauren Walker

Mouthwatering recipes.

4. povalleyfoods

Delights from Italy, places and recipes.

5. yakkafit

Fitness and Health recipes

6. morningbrewandtea

Health, lifestyle and food adventure

7. Hayley

Soups, dips and drink desserts

8. belle

Healthy, food and Fashion

9. FlavourKitchen

Best Party Meals

10. Heather Hunter

Food and Travel

11. Cuddles and Crumbs

Food ideas and Family

12. cocoaantics

Drinks and desserts around chocolate

13. crystalshauntae

Delectable Korean Cuisine

14. Rachel S.

Slow Cooker Meals Speciality

Heartiest Congratulations to all my blogger friends who are nominated. I wanted to nominate more but could only nominate a limited number. I am really honored that I have been nominated for Leibster Award as well.

Well for me A Great Reader is the one who is never tired of reading because for him reading relaxes and enriches the mind. A reader gets his/her actual learning by reading. A great reader even dreams of good reads.


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