Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Trifle

It was my grandma’s birthday and I decided to prepare a sweet treat for her. She is diabetic, but who says not to consume chocolate while we are watching our sugar intake. She is very fond of desserts just like me. Last time I prepared Diabetic-friendly Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe to cheer her up on this special day. I have something yet special for her this time. She loves cake recipes. Enjoy making rich and moist trifle for your loved ones and bring a huge smile on their face. Whatever ingredients I am using are diabetic friendly. Chocolate lowers cholesterol level. It prevents memory decline. It reduces heart disease risk and also prevents stroke. Cherries on the other hand is booster of Vitamin C and antioxidants. It also helps in reducing bad cholesterol. So let’s bake the cake.

Yummy Chocolate Trifle
Yummy Chocolate Trifle Cups


3/4 cup Water;

2 cups fat-free Milk;

1 package pitted Cherries;

2 drops of Red Food Coloring;

Sugar-free Chocolate curls to taste;

2 cups thawed Fat-free frozen Whipped Topping;

1 package Chocolate Sugar-free, Low-fat Cake Mix;

1 package Chocolate Sugar-free, Fat-free Instant Pudding Mix.

Preparation Method:-

1. Preheat oven to 375 D.F.

2. Mix cake mix using 3/4 cup water. Bake till cake is done, use knife to check this.

3. The cake mixture should not stick to the knife. Let the cake cool in pan. Remove from pan. Cut into small cubes.

4. Prepare pudding mix using 2 cups of fat-free milk. Chill for at least 40 minutes.

5. Thaw cherries reserving 1/4 cup juice. Mix cherries, food coloring and juice together.

6. Place half of cake cubes in a 3-quart trifle bowl. Spoon half of cherries over cake. Spread 1 cup pudding over cherries, and top with half of whipped topping.

7. Repeat layers. Garnish with chocolate curls. Cover and chill at least 8 hours. You can also serve in glasses as I have, in the same manner with feasible proportion. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Grandma!
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Celebrate the chocolate treat!


Food Ideas for Halloween Party

Here comes Halloween, we are all set for it. Yipee! Ofcourse I will not like to spend my precious time in the kitchen. So here are some TIME SAVING HALLOWEEN PARTY IDEAS…..

Halloween’s Scary Hand
Halloween’s Scary Hand

Halloween Scary Hand (Simple Meatloaf with shape of a hand) – The scary hand is here, it’s burnt, it it looks dreadful, but it’s yummy. Since time will be a constraint that day, I decided to prepare a quick and easy meatloaf, loved by people of all age groups. You can use roasted pearl onions to give an impression of dead nails. Then you can cover up the ground meat with cheese and tomato sauce, it’ll give an impression of flesh and blood, OMG! Nevertheless the ground meat (I prefer beef) must contain your family’s favorite Mediterranean herbs, especially garlic, barbeque sauce etc. to enjoy the taste of the fest.

Grave Pudding
Grave Pudding

Grave Pudding (Chocolate Pudding with your favorite Cookies) – I love chocolate recipes and chocolate pudding is one of my favorites. Chocolate Pudding is one of my favorites. The pudding can be prepared a day before to save time. The pudding can be loaded with your favorite nuts to give impression of the soil. Add the pudding in small glasses. Place Biscuits as shown, they look like tombstone. With chocolate sauce you can write R.I.P. I’m sure kids are gonna love this “Dark Spooky Pudding”.

Spooky Spiders on my Eggs
Spooky Spiders on my Eggs

Spooky Spiders on my Eggs (Deviled Eggs with Black Olives) – This quick and easy recipes is so light and delicious. I always use low-fat mayo for the egg yolks. On the deviled eggs, cut the olives into two equal halves. Make the body of the spider from half of the olive. Slice the other half to give the impression of the spider legs. You can also sprinkle some pepper to give impression of the dust. Though I prefer using low-fat mayo, you can always add mayo that is your family’s favorite. The Deviled Eggs are really devilish here 😛

Devilish Cookies
Devilish Cookies

Devilish Cookies (Pumpkin Cookies) – This is the easiest of all. You need making simple cookies with sugar-spiced pumpkin filling. You can always draw lines like the one on pumpkins with a blunt knife. With the sharp knife you can cut the eyes and mouth. You can also add in some other filling if you want, but I always prefer my family’s favorite Pumpkin Filling. The Scary Devilish Cookies will definitely cheer up the kids.

Halloween is here!!
Halloween is here!!

So, where’s the party pals?

Celebrate Brazil’s Independence Day with Yummy Brazilian Food

Any celebration is incomplete without food, so let’s celebrate Brazil’s Independence Day with yummy street food.

Queijo coalho
Queijo coalho

Roasted Queijo Coalho – Queijo de Coalho means curd cheese. It’s the traditional cheese found in Northeast Brazil. It is yellow-white in color with semi-hard texture. It is sold on a stick and is usually in roasted form as shown in the image. When heated, it doesn’t melt. Queijo de Coalho is widely available in the supermarkets, restaurants and snack bars of Brazil. Another similar snack food is Pao de Queijo, which means Brazilian Cheese Rolls. This is equally popular in Brazil. Meat, chilli dips and salsa can be very well paired with these cheese sticks. They can be simply enjoyed with seasoning as well.

Chicken pastel
Chicken pastel

Chicken Pastel – Meat pastels, especially chicken pastel is ultimate Brazilian street food delicacy. These are fried pastries which are filled up of various savory fillings like chicken, cheese, shrimp, palm cabbage or ground beef. These pastries are stuffed with heavenly chicken cheesy fillings. Popular addition to these pastries include carrot, corn, peas and olives. Boiled eggs also make up great pastels. These pastels are called Empanada in US. They can be enjoyed with chilli sauce, salsa, favorite dip. They taste amazing with chilled beer at get-together.


Pamonha – Corn is relished in various forms in Brazil and one of the common variations is called Pamonha. This is basically a corn pudding. It is made up of milk and corn. It’s boiled in corn husk. This can be sweet as well as salty. It can be had just like that or may contain filling. The filling usually consists of cheese or meat. The simplest form is the most popular among the localites as well as the tourists.


Tacaca – The most common soup of Northern Brazil is none other than the authentic Tacaca soup. It is very popular in Amazonas, Acre, Rondonia and Para regions. It is made up of jambu, shrimps or prawns, yellow peppers and tucupi. Jambu is a native variety of paracress and tucupi is a broth/thick soup that is made up of cassava. It’s served hot.

Tapioca Pudding
Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca Pudding – The tapioca pearls are soaked well before cooking. These are combined with vanilla extract, coconut, honey, syrup etc. When cooked, this swells up and become transparent. This can be served with seasonal fruits. This forms one of the most delectable desserts in Brazil.


Happy Independence Day!

Crazy Currants Christmas Pudding Recipe

Glutan free christmas puddingGluten free diet is full of challenges. A gluten-free diet is the one that excludes the protein gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. This must be avoided by the people allergic to it. Celiac disease can be treated by intake of gluten-free diet. This diet is composed of eggs, beans, seeds, nuts, meats, fish and poultry, fruits and vegetables. We can definitely have a healthy and delicious gluten-free diet. There are many creative ways to enhance the taste and make gluten free diet really interesting.

The best way to finish your Christmas meal is savoring upon a traditional Christmas pudding. Although pudding is associated with the Christmas, it has significance on Easter as well. The decorative sprig of holly on top of the pudding reminds us of Lord Jesus crown of thorns worn by him, when he was crucified. Here we have the ‘Crazy Currants Christmas Pudding’ which is absolutely gluten free. It has taste buds and health as prime components.


125 grams Raisins,

125 grams Sultanas,

75   grams Currants,

50   grams Mixed Peel,

50   grams Prunes,

50   grams Apricots,

50   grams Oil,

100 grams Gluten Free White Blend,

100 grams Sugar,

2     teaspoons Mixed Spice,

1     Orange Rind Grated & Juice,

1     Lemon Rind Grated & Juice

Preparation method :-

1. Mix together the raisins, sultanas, currants, mixed peel, flour, sugar and mixed spice. Chop the prunes and apricots and stir these into the bowl.

2. Mix in the oil, grated lemon and orange rinds and juices. Stir well and leave to stand for at least 2 hours or overnight.

3. Grease the sides of a pudding basin then cut two circles of greaseproof paper and reserve these.

4. Stir the mixture again then press the mixture into the pudding basin. Cover the top of the puddings with the greaseproof paper circles.

5. Spread tin foil over the top of the pudding basin tucking it in well around the outer rim.

6. Place the pudding basin in saucepan. Then fill with water until it is half way up basin. Put the lid on the saucepan and boil for 5 hours.

7. Carefully remove the pudding and cool without removing the foil or greaseproof. Store the pudding until required.

8. Before eating, remove and refresh the greaseproof and foil layers. Place the pudding basin in saucepan then fill with water until it is half way up basin.

9. Steam for a further two hours. Put a plate on top of the pudding bowl and carefully invert the pudding.

10. Serve warm!!

Yummy Christmas

Taste and health should go hand in hand. Enjoy the Gluten-free Pudding on the auspicious festival of Christmas with your loved ones and stay fit!

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