S’more Halloween Food Ideas

Join in for the monstrous party ideas, this Halloween with creepy treats and frightfully fun appetizers. Here I share some quick and easy recipe.

Scary Bloody Fingers
Scary Bloody Fingers

Scary Bloody Fingers/Witch Fingers (Cheese Stick with Red Hot Spicy Dip) – Prepare simple baked cheese fingers. Add almond as shown, this would serve as scary finger nails. Huhahaha! You can add in the herbs of your choice. Addition of Red Hot Spicy Dip would give the impression of blood. Since the recipe can be prepared in advance, you can enjoy the Halloween Party to the fullest.

Halloween Brain Gelatin Mold
Halloween Brain Gelatin Mold

Halloween Brain Gelatin Mold (Simple Gelatin Mold) – I decided to combine Peach and Strawberry Flavor Gelatin to make the ultimate blood oozing brain recipe. The recipe is itself scary but a perfect light dessert you and your family can enjoy on the occasion of Halloween. People prefer different jello colors like green, grey, blue, red, brown etc. It’s entirely up to you, which flavor/color to choose. This cool treat is best after hot and spicy appetizers, so enjoy the bloody brain.

Green Vomit
Green Vomit

Green Vomit (Avocado Feta Dip) – A party calls for lot many appetizers. Any party is incomplete without spicy sauces and dips. Enjoy the easy and creamy avocado feta dip with addition of feta cheese, onion, garlic, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and lime. Serve with Black Bean Tortilla Chips to add in the fear quotient. Presentation is very important. Take a pumpkin and cut it my way, simple and easy. The dip can also be paired with pita chips, veggies, French fries, bread, crackers etc.

Scary Face Burgers
Scary Face Burgers

Scary Face Burgers (Beef/Pumpkin Cheese Burgers) – Hope you enjoyed my post Pumpkin Chickpeas Fritters. They make great burgers as well. If you are in dire need of last minute Halloween ideas, this recipe is a must to be included. You just need to serve open face Cheese Burgers on Beef or Pumpkin patties. You can use the meat of your choice, turkey, chicken, lamb, tuna etc. Juz cut up the cheese to some scary face like the one I have shown and there you are with a scary yet delectable treat.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

What are you preparing on Halloween?


Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Chickpeas Fritters

It’s Halloween, it’s party time. I’m not gonna spend too much time in the kitchen, are you? I had guests in the evening yesterday. Luckily, I had leftover boiled chickpeas from the dinner, the night before. Since Halloween is approaching, I’m trying out different pumpkin recipes, so I had canned pumpkin available as well. Rest all the ingredients are integral part of any kitchen. So I prepared quick and easy Pumpkin Chickpeas Fritters. My guests loved it, and so will yours. I have decided that this would be one of my appetizers on The Halloween Party. Hope you liked my blog previous blog, Halloween food ideas.

Yummy Halloween Fritters!
Yummy Halloween Fritters!

Pumpkin Chickpeas Fritters


1 beaten Egg,

Olive Oil to fry,

Salt as required,

1½ cups Pumpkin,

1 teaspoon Cayenne,

2 cloves minced Garlic,

2 chopped kale leaves,

1 teaspoon Lemon juice,

Breadcrumbs as required,

1 cup cooked Chickpeas,

1 teaspoon smoked Paprika,

cup toasted Sesame seeds,

2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar.

Preparation Method:-

  1. Add chickpeas, pumpkin, egg, apple cider vinegar, garlic, kale, sesame seeds, smoked paprika, cayenne, half of the bread crumbs and salt to the blender. Blend until smooth.

  2. Form 6 patties. Coat in breadcrumbs. Fry in a pan, turning once, till golden brown on each side.

  3. Garnish with Italian seasoning. Serve with salad and your favorite dip!

Huhahaha! It's Halloween..
Huhahaha! It’s Halloween..

Enjoy the Halloween Treat!

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