Food on the Titanic

"And it wasn't until we were in the lifeboat and rowing away, it wasn't until then I realized that ship's going to sink. It hits me there." This was Eva Hart, remembering an event which took place on the morning of 15th April 1912. Eva Hart was seven when she and her parents boarded the... Continue Reading →


Healthy Recipes for Kids Birthday Party

Angela is my neighbor and we spend a lot of quality time together, especially on weekends. Yesterday was her son’s birthday party. Kids await for their birthday party throughout the year. The joy on their face for this special day, makes us forget all the pain and stress in life. Tom turned 11 this year... Continue Reading →

Healthy and Spicy Thai Fish Curry

A delectable Malaysian fish curry is cooked with goodness of your fav veggies, infused with lemony fragrance. This curry makes a perfect dinner for the chilly weather. It is spiced enough to prompt a dizzy drowsy appetite and keep you warm. The best part is that the curry not only works with all kinda fish... Continue Reading →

Cristiano Ronaldo and Grilled Cod Affair

Hi guys, hope you are enjoying the FIFA World Cup 2014 with Shakira's World Cup Anthem “La La La (Brazil 2014)”. I personally love this song. Any discussion over football is incomplete without mentioning the name of a great Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a great fan following and many nicknames like Ronnie, CR,... Continue Reading →

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