Chikki with Lohri – Festival of North India

Lohri is one of the major winter festivals of North India. It is celebrated every year on January 13, to mark the day of Uttarayan or sun's journey towards north. Indian markets are flooded with “Chikki” throughout winter. Chikki is a traditional ready-to-eat Indian sweet generally made up of groundnuts, dry fruits and jaggery. There... Continue Reading →

Almond and Berry Berry Blueberry Tart Recipe

With the golden crust, crisp crunchy almonds and blueberry blend, here we have one of the prime desserts for Christmas, Blueberry and almond tart. Blueberry tart is a showstopper! The dish is eye tonic for the foodaholics. Not only ultimate satisfier for the taste buds but filled with the health nutrients, this delectable dish is... Continue Reading →

Dish of the Day – Red Velvet Cake

This satiny smooth Red Velvet Cake is traditionally a layered cake which has dark red or reddish brown color with mushy cream set in between each layer. Originated in the United States, the cake is pitch dark red due to the reaction of mixing vinegar and butter milk in it. The food color further intensifies its crimson hue making it even... Continue Reading →

Dish of the Day – Custard Slice of Heaven (Tompoes)

Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day is celebrated on April 30 in Netherlands. This auspicious day is asterisked as the Queen’s Birthday, and hence commemorated as annual public holiday. This day is accompanied by traditional Dutch dance, songs, art and crafts. This tradition was commenced long time back in order to please Queen Beatrix. People dress up in Orange... Continue Reading →

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