Cricket on the Field and Cookie for Treat

There is something about sports which connects the whole world. Be it NFL or baseball or tennis or cricket. May be the love for sports comes from our ancestors - our evolutionary path. Long time back, when we were prey (seems terrifying), speed and strength were quite important. If you can’t run away from a... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Traditional Almond Cookies

Chinese New Year is here! There is gonna be lots of firework in China, symbolizing the festive spirit. It is believed that Buddha invited all the forest animals to invite him on a particular day. Twelve of them appeared and Buddha named a year after each one of them. New year calls for a huge... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Special Red Velvet Cookies

Wanna surprise your Valentine on this special day? Let’s prepare an easy recipe called soft-baked red velvet cookies. The mushy, creamy taste will drive your love crazy. Red color symbolizes love, so it is a perfect treat for Valentine’s day. These can be stored and consumed later. Each bite he takes, he’ll certainly remember his... Continue Reading →

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