Cheers with London Beer Week

Yes, it is back! The great London Beer Week, 2016. Pals, you will not get a better chance to explore London’s breweries and best beer bars and get that lite dizzy teasy feeling if you aren’t hunting for this. The event would be loaded with lot of refreshing beer at London Beer Week Hub, Old Truman Brewery. You can also enjoy the magical experience with London Beer Week wristband. This is a special one. Now lemme explain how. The wristband will guide you to special beers and boiler-makers and you can enjoy shots too. You can visit more than 100 best of the beer bars with this.

And if you wanna have some more fun like dancing, singing along with sizzling snacks, starters, luxury dinner then also you are most welcome. Still not enough? Lemme serve you Rosemary Beer Cocktail, the ultimate cocktail recipe. Here I go..

Refreshing Beer Cocktail!
                          Refreshing Beer Cocktail!

Rosemary Beer Cocktail


Rosemary Syrup:-

125 ml Water,

1/2 cup Sugar,

4 gms chopped Rosemary leaves.


2 ounces Beer,

3/4 ounce Lime juice,

3/4 ounce Rosemary syrup.

Preparation Method:-

1. For making rosemary syrup, heat water, sugar and rosemary leaves in a saucepan. Stir occasionally for sugar to be dissolved.

2. Now, remove from heat and cool. Once done, strain the syrup into a jar. Refrigerate.

3. For making the cocktail, chill a cocktail glass in the freezer.

4. Add beer, lime juice and rosemary syrup into a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice for 30 seconds.

5. Pour into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime/lemon wedge or rosemary’s sprig.

Party Time!
                                                                                  Party Time!

Cheers with the Beers!


Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Cocktails for Valentine’s Day
Romantic Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

Love is just love, it can’t be explained but can be certainly expressed. Any occasion is incomplete without drinks. We have lot to offer your love this Valentine’s day. Juz came up with the top enticing options with rich mixes of sparkling wine, golden Champagne and Vodka drive your love crazy..

 Pom-Berry Bellini

Invite your love for exotic dinner and start with Pom-Berry Bellini cocktail. Bellinis are incredibly popular, and this is one of the tastiest of all the bellinis. The elegant drink is a mixture of pomegranate juice, sparkling champagne and natural blueberry jam. Fresh blueberries can be used for garnishing to give the fresh feeling of love. The enticing color would compel her to ask for more and more and more..

Amour a Mosa

If your sweetie is fond of fruity drink, Amour a Mosa is the classic drink to offer as a token of love. Drown into the rich refreshing classic mimosa, orange-infused vodka and mango juice. Make your sweetie, sweeter still by the sweety sweety drink.

Rose and Mint Champagne

It is very well said, “A rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to heart“. Rose and Mint Champagne is the answer to your question. Honey, mint and dries rosebuds, can make the best drink when when mixed with dry champagne. So give your love the rosy feel.

Drink for my love
Drink for my love

White Sand cocktail

With the tangy lemon sorbet, depending on how slushy you desire, with heaven of Cahaca and Prosecco, give your love, ultimate bliss. The peaceful white color will add peace to your relationship. With mint leaves as garnish, offer your Valentine the White Sand cocktail. 

Romeo and Juliet

This fruitful cocktail is the perfect blend of love with tequila and raspberry liquor uniting two souls on the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s day. The blazing red color doubles the heat within the lovers. May your love story be successful as that of Romeo and Juliet.

Winter Sunset

Dreaming of a vacation in Mediterranean with your love. Feel the zest of love with tingling Winter Sunset drink. The coconut-flavored rum and white crème de cacao along with Tia Maria will definitely compel your date to ask for more. Warmed whipped cream shows the warmth of your love. Make your dream date fall for you with the rich Winter Sunset cocktail.

Refreshing Cocktails
Refreshing Cocktails

Un Dia en el Paraiso

Un Dia en el Paraiso means a day in Paradise. The reddish orangey drink will definitely wipe up your sorrows and fill your life with love. Shake and make the drink and wake up your love offering her the rich Un Dia en el Paraiso cocktail. Light-up your love ten times more than the color of drink.

Touch of Venus

Drown in the flavor of Italy, with Touch of Venus Cocktail, perfectly made for your mate. Limoncello will give you real tangy taste and fresh lemon juice is a fresh start to start with. Dry white wine with added lime calls for some quality time. Get romantic than ever before with the Touch of Venus Cocktail.

Berry Brazilian

The real sunny day in Brazil is well portrayed with the a Berry Brazilian Cocktail. With the Brazilian rum and red strawberries, enrich your love with yet rich strawberries agave nectar and cinnamon flavor. Rock and roll in love with large rocks glass of a very Berry Brazilian Cocktail.

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

So what are you offering your love???

Australia Day Cocktails

The Cocktail Affair
The Cocktail Affair

Celebrating Australia Day, falling on January 26, with cocktails, shots and punches is a great idea. Here we bring you with more of refreshing drinks to enjoy the day to the fullest with your pals.

Refreshing Cocktails
Refreshing Cocktails

Fruit Tingle

Pour Curacao over ice in a glass. Add raspberry cordial and lemonade simultaneously to combined the effect. Served in a old-fashioned glass. Simple yet a party drink!!!

 Blood Orange Cosmopolitan

Add vodka, lime juice and cranberry juice. Use one dash of bitters into a Martini glass. Add Ice. Shake and strain into a Martini glass. Top with blood orange soda. Party bloody hard with Blood Orange Soda!!!

Vodka infused Watermelon

Simply cut a hole in the top of watermelon, the size of spoon. Scoop out a little bit of the watermelon and make in room for the vodka bottle. Place the bottle upside down in the hole. Allow the vodka to be fully absorbed by watermelon. Place the watermelon in the fridge to chill. Then cut into pieces and serve. Enjoy the chilled Vodka infused Watermelon!!!

Cocktail Party!!!
Cocktail Party!!!

Midori Splice

Add in equal quantity of melon liqueur, coconut rum and pineapple juice. Top with fresh cream. Served in a Collins glass!!!

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Combine lime juice, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, citrus vodka juice in equal quantity. Add citrus vodka a bit more. Add in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and dance, pour into a cocktail glass. Top with ice. Garnish with a lime twist!!

Sparkling Cocktails!!!
Sparkling Cocktails!!!

Ocean Breeze

Feel the motion in ocean with tickling sensation made up of melon liqueur, raspberry vodka, pineapple and cranberry juice. Add in equal quantities. Top with ice cubes in collins glass. Add cherry and cheer!!!

Squashed Frog

Pour Midori and then Advocaat over it in a glass. Add a few dashes of grenadine. Then float Bailey’s on top. It’s best in the shot glass.

Dancing with Cocktails!!!
Dancing with Cocktails!!!

Hot Lips Punch

Groove with steamy tipple of melon liqueur, dark rum and cranberry juice. You can’t stop without saying ‘one more’. Ultimate lip therapy!!!

Lime Mojito

Add mint leaves and 1 lime wedge into a glass. Crush the mint and lime to release the mint oils and lime juice. Add 2 more lime wedges and the sugar, crush again to release the lime juice. Keep the mixture as such. Add in ice. Pour rum over the ice filling the glass with soda water. Garnish with a lime wedge!!!


Mix in equal quantity of apricot brandy, yellow Chartreuse, lemon juice, sugar syrup. Add in egg white (1 egg). Shake without ice to emulsify egg. Add ice and shake vigorously, strain into a cocktail glass. Serve drink in a cocktail glass for the cocktail party. Party all night!!

My Winy Lover


It’s an old saying, “Friendship is like a wine, it gets better as it grows older”. I completely agree. We have been dating each other for seven years and tomorrow was his birthday, my big day. He was my baby, my sweetheart. But i was not his first love, alas! He loved the smooth curves, the aroma, the soothing touch, the enticing feeling. Yes, he loved wine, drinks, the curvy bottles, the exotic fragrance, the wet touch and the sparkling color. Well what did you think?? How could i compete with his first love? Daniel was not alcoholic but priced his collection of wine more than anything else in this world. Not to a surprise his bar was loaded with numerous brands like:-

Armand de Brignac

Baron de Lestac

Blue Nun

Bodega Catena Zapata


Charles Shaw wine


Ecco Domani

Red Bicyclette



West Coast Cooler

FAT bastard

He believed more in entertaining friends by offering drinks and himself took few shots. Daniel enjoyed the feeling of being tipsy rather than going out of control. He had a mini-bar at home, which was crystal clean and accompanied by a mild lavender scent. He had a small two bedrooms apartment, still he managed to utilize some space for his private bar. His passion for drinks is well portrayed here. He had splendid types of wine such as vintage wine, french wine, burgundy wine, spanish wine, port wine etc along with other party drinks. On his last birthday, i gifted him bunch of wine magazine, which he loved. I have always gifted him accessories that added to his bar and that he adore.

He kept his valuable possessions in a designer cabinet. His bar had a teak-wood counter table and polished wooden stools. The royal carpet and a fabulous music system for the party animals added to the mood. Daniel had always been an amazing host. He had the bar quite adjacent to the kitchen for the visitors. They could pile on hot, spicy and juicy appetizers. He made great cocktails and other drink recipes. Infact mix drinks was his specialty. Daniel  served people with different blend of irish, mexican, tropical, fruit and french drinks. West Coast Cooler is one of my favorite drinks also.

My darling had always been very famous among kids. He always grabbed the opportunity of cuddling the babies, kids and of course me. He kept a check that his bar was always loaded with candies, cookies and crackers for children. Daniel is a travelbuzz, he had been to almost all famous places of America and has always added to his collection of drinks. He never got an opportunity of going to Australia. Last week I had been to my aunt’s place, Sydney and knew exactly what he wanted. I got the best of Australian wine. I am definitely gonna surprise him tomorrow on his birthday, of course by uniting him with his first love, Oh! i’m still so jealous.

Cheers for Foodaholics!!

George Bernard Shaw, one of the profound Irish writers said, ‘there is no sincerer love than the love of food’. This is a remarkable statement as far as intense food lovers are concerned. Any person would reel off couple of delectable dishes or may be even more without hesitation, once he’s asked about his favorite food or cuisine. Not only homo sapiens, but animals find it difficult to control their taste buds when it comes to savory meal. My pet Bruno, pure Alsatian, is almost on the verge of breaking his rope leash, once he smells the meat boiling in the kitchen.

Even Garfield, one of our favorite cartoon characters, is loved not only for the unique humor but also for his intense craving for food. There is no doubt that food and mood are interrelated. Food is a complete dose that can revitalize the worst of our mood. We are so pleased to see the Chinese platter once we are back from our hectic working day. The cold dessert after dinner definitely serves as icing on the cake.  Love for food knows no boundaries.

Whether it is New Year or Christmas, most of us wait for the festivals to arrive so that we can have the most popular luscious food of that occasion be it the Aussie meat pie or sumptuous maple syrup pancake. Isn’t it? Well there is nothing to hide, food is an art and must be consumed in the best way we want. Food habits, to a large extent, decides compatibility of couples and it’s true that chocolate in any form doubles the romance, especially the dark liquid chocolate rolled in strawberry. Yummz!!!! Rest of the fun can be discussed later. Sparkling cocktails act like a booster in those intimate moments.

Agility of taste buds may vary from person to person. Some people are fond of ultimate spicy meal whereas some always crave of having honey like desserts. Taylor Swift’s all time favorite food is sweet and mushy cheesecake while the Hollywood’s swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen loves crispy and spicy bacon in any form. Barack Obama, America’s first black president, who declares broccoli as his favorite food, is equally fond of junk food like burger and hotdog. And to our surprise he’s got that sensuous six packs, any girl on earth would love to admire.

It’s a myth that slender people are not fond of food. Just go for your favorite dance steps and a morning walk and there you are with an absolutely flaunting body. After all, eating and dancing are the ultimate source of living life to the fullest. No ifs and buts in the food habits can result in a happier life. Yes this is my own experience. I am a foodaholic yet slim, trim and the best part is that I am happy and gay.. Hey! not that way. And yes the more goodies you pile, the better you feel, it’s my belief. Food is my religion, what’s yours????


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