Merry Christmas Food Ideas

Food ideas for any party is all about smart cooking and great presentation. Isn’t it? Nevertheless, whatever looks good tastes delish. Indulge yourself in the spirit of Christmas with yummy, quick and easy recipes. It is certain that you would like to spend maximum time with friends and families and not in the kitchen. I... Continue Reading →

Spicy Christmas Mini Meat Pies

Hi pals! How are you doing? It's the Christmas month and we all crave to have goodies on the weekends. Isn’t it? So here I present before you, the cute yummy bites of flaky dough stuffed with spicy ground beef/turkey mixture. These are very filling and best to be served with tomato and chilli sauce.... Continue Reading →

Sweet Snowy Strawberry Ice Cream Cake Recipe

The rich and creamy strawberry cake gets more mushy and enticing, with the ice-cream blend. Home baked strawberry sponge cake, filled with strawberries, and at last covered by vanilla ice-cream plus garnished with even more strawberries, gives ultimate satisfaction to the sweet tooth. Strawberry flavor itself lights up the festive spirit whether it’s Christmas or... Continue Reading →

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