Know What you Eat with Ingredients Handbook

Go for meditation and try your hands at healthy food” said my niece when I told her about my stressful routine. I guess everybody has this routine which is an add on to the already full plate of issues.

Ingredients Handbook Homepage
Ingredients Handbook Homepage

Taking her advice, I started with it. She showed me an app named Ingredients Handbook (Available on both Appstore and Playstore). I suggest you guys must check it out. It is all about ingredients and their values. I realized that cooking is a way to channelize my energy. Looking at the hot steam of rice is more meditating to me than a proper meditation. It is the perfect way to use that extra energy in cooking rather than acting weird with your family. Cooking doesn’t mean that you have to use all the spices and cook something great, it’s about knowing the value of each ingredient you use. Simple dishes are a therapy for you.  You should go for something healthy like herbs, oil and roots, which are plenty in this app.  I’ll let you all know the ones I have used.

Broadly Categorized Ingredients
Broadly Categorized Ingredients

The ingredients in the app have been effectively categorized for the ease of the user. Lemon balm is one such herb which I use regularly. Chop the leaves and add them to the salad. These leaves help in reducing the stress level. Then comes Basil which is a sacred plant in India. Pasta seasoning with basil will give it a strong and a different flavor. Rich in antioxidants, basil prevents a lot of diseases. What if your someone helps you boost your blood pressure? Well, parsley can be of help. Rich in a lot of vitamins parsley can be used in tea or green sauce with nachos.

Nutritional Values in a Sorted Manner
Nutritional Values in a Sorted Manner

In addition to this, Nutrient Chart checks the nutritional values of all Ingredients. Sitting on the chair at work place for long hours can result in digestion issues like heartburn or upset stomach which will result in irritation. So don’t pour out your irritation on others and go for peppermint based mocktails. Getting up early, leaving for work and then driving back home – when do you work out? Actually you don’t, even I don’t get time on weekdays. Muscle pain is inevitable under such circumstances. Rosemary can relieve you with that. You can either add it to marinated chicken or olive oil.

Description, Excess and Deficiency Hazards for Each Ingredient
Description, Excess and Deficiency Hazards for Each Ingredient

This is not all, check the benefits, excessive hazards, deficiency hazards and much more relating to 1000 such ingredients. Traveling comes with pollution. Pollution enhances acne. Thyme oil can help you reduce this. You can stuff your turkey with thyme leaves and enjoy health. Losing appetite is one of the reasons why people take stress. Have something, that might calm you down. Fennel seed soup can help you in getting hold of your appetite. Must have seen “Olaf” (the snowman type character in the movie “Frozen”) playing with dandelion seeds while dreaming of summers. You wouldn’t have imagined how useful those dandelions could be. Go for sauteed dandelion greens which will result in a cleansed system and improved digestion. Beat the boredom and explore your knowledge with QUIZ.

Interesting QUIZ!
Interesting QUIZ!

There is much more to learn about the food you eat. Try this Ingredients Handbook app and say yes to a “Healthy Life”. It really works!

AppStore Link:- Ingredients Handbook

PlayStore Link:- Ingredients Handbook


Chinese Food Recipes on Android

Food is the only delicious gateway to travel across the world. Imagine you are biting into a perfect dumpling – the tug of dough, the burst of steam, the first hit of stuffing, and the flavor intensified. Let’s fastened your seat belts and explore this app, treat your taste buds with mouthwatering adventure of the Chinese Recipes.


Playstore Link: Chinese Food Recipes

Key Features Of Chinese Food Recipes


  • Turbo Search: Get instant recipes by selecting tags from your preference.

Cook With:

  • One can chose recipes according to the ingredients one has in the kitchen.


  • Interesting Tips are available which are categorized according to the Household needs, Food Benefits, and Remedies are listed to provide you instant solutions.

Recent Recipes

  • This option provides us to browse our history of recipes.


  • It allows the user to check the appliances for different recipes.


  • It acts as virtual currency which helps you to access the premium features and in purchasing of eBooks. 

(a)One can either buy or use free Dracoins.

(b) One can access it free by rating Chinese food recipes, sharing, using and contributing their favorite recipes.

  • One can contribute their favorite recipes by sending their entries with images.
  • There is a Personalize feature which allows users to customize their experiences of using this app.

All Recipes:

  • Look Up By : Here you can look up Chinese Food Recipes by recipe name and ingredients name.
  • Allows the users to explore into the varieties of Chinese cuisine.
  • Save to favorites which you frequently cook!
  • Menu Planner helps you to list your food preferences according to the Date, Day and Time.
Recipe Detail Page
Recipe Detail Page

Recipe Detail:

  • Includes Ingredients, Methods and Tags.
  • Healthy options available regarding nutritional Information.
  • Check Chef ratings
  • Servings in figures for each recipe has been provided.
  • Cooking Time provides the estimated duration for each recipe.
  • Users can rate the recipes from their experiences.

Happy Chinese Cooking!

The Cooking App ChefChili on Android

Hey friends, how are you doing? Do you remember that a few days ago, I told you about the cooking app called ChefChili. Yes, I’m talking about the one that wanted to include our (my and my blogger friends) recipes, observing the enthusiasm among the foodies. ChefChili, the amazing cooking app is now on the PlayStore (Android). Check out the app’s screen-shots, portraying its exclusive features. Just download and enjoy!

Link:– ChefChili

Welcome to ChefChili
Welcome to ChefChili

User Contributed Recipes:- Just have a look at the blogger friends who have contributed to the app through their recipes.        

Lauren Pickens
Julie Montago
Sandy L
Chitra Jagadish and many more..                                                                                                                                                 

User Contributed Recipes
User Contributed Recipes

Key Features of ChefChili

Recipe Detail Page – Under Recipe Detail Page you’ll get all the info regarding ingredients, cooking method and tags. ChefChili  also provides Nutritional Value of different ingredients.

Menu Planner – Menu planner allows the user to add single or multiple recipes for special meal under breakfast, lunch or dinner. It helps in adding meals to the device calendar, which shows up as notification, when the eating time finally arrives.

Festivals – Still craving for something new? No problem, learn the best of Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas cakes and Halloween cocktails from the key feature called Festivals. Relish authentic to modern recipes.

Appliances – You can view various appliances. Click on any appliance, you will see plenty of delicious recipes that can be cooked using that appliance. Cook with 1000+ appliances.

Search – Search can be done by 2 Modes

  1. Look up by (Simple Search)– Simple search allows you to search on basis of 2 criterias that is search by recipe name and search through ingredient name.

  1. Turbo Search (Advanced Search)– Refine your search by choosing from among different tags. It’s Simple! Explore and you’ll come to know all.

Cook with – Juz check your fridge/pantry and cook with whatever you have.

Favorite feature – Favorite feature is denoted by a big star. You can choose your favorite recipes from the recipe listing page. You just need to click them and the recipes will automatically be added to the favorites feature.

Tips Tips are general homemade remedies. Different types of “TIPS” are Food, HouseHold, Remedy, Wellness and Miscellaneous tips.

e Books – Get a number of e Books ranging from Seafood delights to Meat Platters.

Eagerly waiting for your valuable feedback and response. Enrich and show your culinary talent to the world. More, I will keep on updating you.

Isn’t the app handy? Have a yummilicious weekend with ChefChili 😛


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