Food on the Titanic

“And it wasn’t until we were in the lifeboat and rowing away, it wasn’t until then I realized that ship’s going to sink. It hits me there.” This was Eva Hart, remembering an event which took place on the morning of 15th April 1912. Eva Hart was seven when she and her parents boarded the Titanic. I read the Titanic Short Story in Seventh Grade and loved it. Every time I watch Titanic – the movie – and look at Jack sacrificing his life for Rose I cry – I cry a lot by the way. Though Jack and Rose were fictional characters played by Leonardo and Kate Winslet, but the sacrifice was not. A protocol of “women and children first” left a number of men on that sinking ship. Titanic was called the Unsinkable. However the start was not smooth enough as it almost collided with a ship after a few minutes of her maiden voyage. Eva Hart’s mother was reluctant to board the ship because of a few ‘changes’.

Brill in Lobster Sauce
Brill in Lobster Sauce

A coal strike during that time canceled a lot of ships. However, Titanic managed the fuel supply and went on with the journey. Eva Hart’s family was left with no option but to buy a ticket for Titanic. Though they boarded the ship, Eva Hart’s mother didn’t sleep at night. I don’t know how but she knew something was not right. She was right. The world can never forget the passengers and crew members who went down with the Titanic but we can’t ignore what an awe-inspiring masterpiece Titanic was. Let it be the Grand Staircase or the gym, the squash court and the restaurant. Restaurant comes up with one more important thing- the food Menu. I was looking out for Titanic artifacts and stumbled upon the Food Menu. There is this one thing in the first class menu which sounded awesome – Fillets of Brill. I am very fond of fish recipes. Let’s try this and remember those who sacrificed their life for a life.


Brill in Lobster Sauce


4 Brill Fillets,

Salt as required,

Pepper as required,

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil.

For Lobster Sauce:-

2 Lobsters,

150 ml Brandy,

Salt as required,

100 gms Butter,

285 ml Fish Stock,

150 ml White Wine,

Pepper as required,

2 chopped Shallots,

2 chopped Tomatoes,

150 ml Double Cream,

1 chopped Garlic Clove,

2 tablespoons Olive Oil.

For Garnishing:-

100g Samphire,

1 Teaspoon of Caviar,

1 Teaspoon Chopped Chervil,

60 gm long chopped Asparagus.

Preparation Method:-

1. Place the lobsters in the freezer. Place it on its back with its claws tied. Hold it firmly by top of its head. Place tip of Chef’s knife on the head just below its mouth.

2. Pierce the lobster’s head downward. Then place knife tip just to the body side of the junction of its tail and thorax and cut through the mid-line. Repeat the same for the second lobster.

3. Put lobsters in salty boiling water. Immediately simmer the heat and cook for 30 minutes.

4. Remove the white meat from the lobster. Chop lobster carcasses into small pieces. Put them in hot saucepan with olive oil. Cook for 4 minutes.

5. Add shallots and garlic. Stir for a minute. Add tomatoes to pan. Simmer for 10 minutes on a medium heat. Pour in the brandy. Flame the alcohol.

6. Once the sauce has settled, pour in white wine. Lower the heat to simmer. Pour in the fish stock/water. Simmer for 30 minutes. Sieve the sauce and return to a plan. Add double cream and bringing back to boil. Take off the heat and set aside.

7. Take another pan and stir-fry asparagus and samphire. Now in another pan, stir-fry the brill until golden brown.

8. For Garnishing, take a deep plate. Add in lobster sauce. On top of it add stir-fried samphire and asparagus. Then add the pan-fried brill. Serve hot!

First Class Lunch Menu of Titanic
First Class Lunch Menu of Titanic

Love is in the air with Titanic!


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  1. Lovely post and I can’t believe how non vegetarian the menu was! Also related because I too cries on first viewing of the movie (I must have been 15 or 16) and haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it again since! Laura

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