Chinese Food Recipes on Android

Food is the only delicious gateway to travel across the world. Imagine you are biting into a perfect dumpling – the tug of dough, the burst of steam, the first hit of stuffing, and the flavor intensified. Let’s fastened your seat belts and explore this app, treat your taste buds with mouthwatering adventure of the Chinese Recipes.


Playstore Link: Chinese Food Recipes

Key Features Of Chinese Food Recipes


  • Turbo Search: Get instant recipes by selecting tags from your preference.

Cook With:

  • One can chose recipes according to the ingredients one has in the kitchen.


  • Interesting Tips are available which are categorized according to the Household needs, Food Benefits, and Remedies are listed to provide you instant solutions.

Recent Recipes

  • This option provides us to browse our history of recipes.


  • It allows the user to check the appliances for different recipes.


  • It acts as virtual currency which helps you to access the premium features and in purchasing of eBooks. 

(a)One can either buy or use free Dracoins.

(b) One can access it free by rating Chinese food recipes, sharing, using and contributing their favorite recipes.

  • One can contribute their favorite recipes by sending their entries with images.
  • There is a Personalize feature which allows users to customize their experiences of using this app.

All Recipes:

  • Look Up By : Here you can look up Chinese Food Recipes by recipe name and ingredients name.
  • Allows the users to explore into the varieties of Chinese cuisine.
  • Save to favorites which you frequently cook!
  • Menu Planner helps you to list your food preferences according to the Date, Day and Time.
Recipe Detail Page
Recipe Detail Page

Recipe Detail:

  • Includes Ingredients, Methods and Tags.
  • Healthy options available regarding nutritional Information.
  • Check Chef ratings
  • Servings in figures for each recipe has been provided.
  • Cooking Time provides the estimated duration for each recipe.
  • Users can rate the recipes from their experiences.

Happy Chinese Cooking!


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