Cheers with Valentine’s Day Cocktails

A good date’s first impression is as essential as a refreshing cocktail, oozing with love. Whether it is a sit-down dinner date at restaurant, a movie at home, party at bar or more creative ventures, certainly a stimulating cocktail makes the time most memorable. The classic and all-time great cocktails opens way to perfect blend of vodka, champagne, wine etc. These are the drinks that time has refined and enhanced. Happy Valentine’s day to all of you. Hope you enjoyed my last year’s collection of Valentine’s Day Cocktails also. Juz check what I’ve got for you.

Raspberry Treat
Raspberry Treat

Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini – Want a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day celebration? Here I present the perfect blend of Raspberry and Chocolate with a kiss of Martini. The super flavor is made by adding mint-infused simple syrup, chocolate cookies, raspberries, vodka and cranberry juice with loads of ice. All you needa do is fill the mint syrup, place thawed raspberries, add in vodka and cranberry juice and shake it in a shaker. This is the sip of love.

Choco Love Cocktail
Choco Love Cocktail

Hot Chocolate Cocktail – Your loved one may still crave for something warm in these chilling. A warm mixed drink of peppermint schnapps, coffee liqueur, and hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream will keep up the spirit of love forever and ever. This is enough to keep you warm in winter especially on the love-struck day called the Valentine’s day. This is a super fun and flirty drink which brings the steaming love to the par.

My Pomegranate Way
My Pomegranate Way

Pomegranate-Champagne Punch – Break out the punch bowl with this perfect punch recipe. Celebrate a stress-free affair and serve this favorite, make-ahead date drink with a fizzy and fruity way. All you require is to boil the water and sugar in small saucepan. Simmer for seven minutes. Cool the syrup. Take a punch bowl, add champagne, rum and pomegranate juice to it. To this add prepared sugar syrup. Mix lemon slices, pomegranate seeds and mint leaves. At last add ice. The recipe is super simple and oozing with love.

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

Enjoy the date!

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