The Cooking App ChefChili on Android

Hey friends, how are you doing? Do you remember that a few days ago, I told you about the cooking app called ChefChili. Yes, I’m talking about the one that wanted to include our (my and my blogger friends) recipes, observing the enthusiasm among the foodies. ChefChili, the amazing cooking app is now on the PlayStore (Android). Check out the app’s screen-shots, portraying its exclusive features. Just download and enjoy!

Link:– ChefChili

Welcome to ChefChili
Welcome to ChefChili

User Contributed Recipes:- Just have a look at the blogger friends who have contributed to the app through their recipes.        

Lauren Pickens
Julie Montago
Sandy L
Chitra Jagadish and many more..                                                                                                                                                 

User Contributed Recipes
User Contributed Recipes

Key Features of ChefChili

Recipe Detail Page – Under Recipe Detail Page you’ll get all the info regarding ingredients, cooking method and tags. ChefChili  also provides Nutritional Value of different ingredients.

Menu Planner – Menu planner allows the user to add single or multiple recipes for special meal under breakfast, lunch or dinner. It helps in adding meals to the device calendar, which shows up as notification, when the eating time finally arrives.

Festivals – Still craving for something new? No problem, learn the best of Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas cakes and Halloween cocktails from the key feature called Festivals. Relish authentic to modern recipes.

Appliances – You can view various appliances. Click on any appliance, you will see plenty of delicious recipes that can be cooked using that appliance. Cook with 1000+ appliances.

Search – Search can be done by 2 Modes

  1. Look up by (Simple Search)– Simple search allows you to search on basis of 2 criterias that is search by recipe name and search through ingredient name.

  1. Turbo Search (Advanced Search)– Refine your search by choosing from among different tags. It’s Simple! Explore and you’ll come to know all.

Cook with – Juz check your fridge/pantry and cook with whatever you have.

Favorite feature – Favorite feature is denoted by a big star. You can choose your favorite recipes from the recipe listing page. You just need to click them and the recipes will automatically be added to the favorites feature.

Tips Tips are general homemade remedies. Different types of “TIPS” are Food, HouseHold, Remedy, Wellness and Miscellaneous tips.

e Books – Get a number of e Books ranging from Seafood delights to Meat Platters.

Eagerly waiting for your valuable feedback and response. Enrich and show your culinary talent to the world. More, I will keep on updating you.

Isn’t the app handy? Have a yummilicious weekend with ChefChili 😛


Ema Jones


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