Food Ideas for Halloween Party

Here comes Halloween, we are all set for it. Yipee! Ofcourse I will not like to spend my precious time in the kitchen. So here are some TIME SAVING HALLOWEEN PARTY IDEAS…..

Halloween’s Scary Hand
Halloween’s Scary Hand

Halloween Scary Hand (Simple Meatloaf with shape of a hand) – The scary hand is here, it’s burnt, it it looks dreadful, but it’s yummy. Since time will be a constraint that day, I decided to prepare a quick and easy meatloaf, loved by people of all age groups. You can use roasted pearl onions to give an impression of dead nails. Then you can cover up the ground meat with cheese and tomato sauce, it’ll give an impression of flesh and blood, OMG! Nevertheless the ground meat (I prefer beef) must contain your family’s favorite Mediterranean herbs, especially garlic, barbeque sauce etc. to enjoy the taste of the fest.

Grave Pudding
Grave Pudding

Grave Pudding (Chocolate Pudding with your favorite Cookies) – I love chocolate recipes and chocolate pudding is one of my favorites. Chocolate Pudding is one of my favorites. The pudding can be prepared a day before to save time. The pudding can be loaded with your favorite nuts to give impression of the soil. Add the pudding in small glasses. Place Biscuits as shown, they look like tombstone. With chocolate sauce you can write R.I.P. I’m sure kids are gonna love this “Dark Spooky Pudding”.

Spooky Spiders on my Eggs
Spooky Spiders on my Eggs

Spooky Spiders on my Eggs (Deviled Eggs with Black Olives) – This quick and easy recipes is so light and delicious. I always use low-fat mayo for the egg yolks. On the deviled eggs, cut the olives into two equal halves. Make the body of the spider from half of the olive. Slice the other half to give the impression of the spider legs. You can also sprinkle some pepper to give impression of the dust. Though I prefer using low-fat mayo, you can always add mayo that is your family’s favorite. The Deviled Eggs are really devilish here 😛

Devilish Cookies
Devilish Cookies

Devilish Cookies (Pumpkin Cookies) – This is the easiest of all. You need making simple cookies with sugar-spiced pumpkin filling. You can always draw lines like the one on pumpkins with a blunt knife. With the sharp knife you can cut the eyes and mouth. You can also add in some other filling if you want, but I always prefer my family’s favorite Pumpkin Filling. The Scary Devilish Cookies will definitely cheer up the kids.

Halloween is here!!
Halloween is here!!

So, where’s the party pals?

24 thoughts on “Food Ideas for Halloween Party

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    1. Yeah, it’s scary but delectable treat for sure, try it out with your fav dip and ofcourse mashed potatoes 🙂

      1. Hi Ema. I’m great thanks! How are you? These ideas are making me wish I was having a Halloween party!

      2. Hey Abbi, Halloween is on October 31, you can still throw a party and relish this deadly treat 😛

      3. I’m at work all day and then my husband’s band has a gig in the evening so I’m not going to get a chance but maybe next year.

  1. I love the meatloaf hand! It looks super spooky without being unappetizing. I’m finishing up the Dracula Halloween menu on my blog this Thursday, and after that I plan on remaking the dishes for a party on Halloween night! 🙂

    1. Dracula Halloween menu seems really interesting, looking forward to the post.
      The Meatloaf Hand is yummy too 😛

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