Liebster Award

Hi, I would be pleased to announce my friends that I have been nominated for the “Liebster Award” by Umme AbdurRahman. Hey, Umme AbdurRahman, thank you so much :). If you go through his blog, it revolves around Foodie Islamic Lessons, Appetizers, Main Course recipes, Snacks, Desserts and Sides. I love the way he has done the categorization. Under appetizers, we have Chicken, Meat, Veg and Seafood.

The Main Course consists of Chicken, Meat, Veg, Seafood, Soup, Pasta and Rice Recipes. Snacks consist of Biscuits and Cakes. Desserts include Baked and Non-baked recipes plus Drinks and Milkshakes. Side comprises of Bread, Fries/Chips and Salads. Aren’t you hungry now? I certainly am. You must have a look at his blog atleast once. I’m sure you are gonna love it. Thank you once again Umme AbdurRahman.

Liebster Award
Liebster Award

Here are some simple rules to be followed:-

1. Collect 11 facts about yourself randomly.

2. Answer all the 11 questions from a person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom who think deserve this award with more than 100 and less than 1000 bloggers.

4. Linkback the person’s blog who nominated you.

5. After publishing your Liebster post, go to your nominee’s blog and let them know you have nominated them.

6. Frame 11 questions on your own and asks your nominees to answer them exactly the way you answered yours i. e by post.

Answers to Umme AbdurRahman questions:-

Q1. What do you love most about blogging?

A1.  In blogging you get to know about different niche and people from different parts of the world and their interests. You get to share a lot many things with your blogger friends, eg. sharing a recipe, personal experience, how you spend your holidays, family, friends, pets, feelings etc.

Q2. What is your biggest fear?

A2. I am very scared of losing my loved ones. I lost my pet in school and Dad in college. I think it is the most difficult of all the tasks, and the fear that cannot be unseen.

Q3. What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of being happy?

A3. I wish to have a complete and a happy family, this is what comes to my mind when I think about happiness. 

Q4. What kind of blogs do you like to read? 

A4. I love reading blogs around pets, food and travel.

Q5.  What kind of quality do you look for in a friend?

A5. A friend must be very helpful. I highly believe in the saying that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.  A good sense of humor is like the icing on the cake.

Q6. Mention two or more reasons why you began blogging?

A6. I wanted to share my kitchen experience with my friends. I am interested in writing about different international food festivals and traditional recipes of different regions.

Q7. What motto do you live by?

A7. I live with the motto of growing (learning new things) everyday and living every moment of life. God has just given one life so, work hard and party harder.

Q8. What is your favorite food?

A8. Chilli Chicken (Boneless) and fried rice is my fav food combo, I can die for 😛

Q9. Summer time or winter time?

A9. Surprisingly Summer time. I love going to beaches during hot weather. I relish ice-creams and enjoy refreshing drinks, cocktails and mocktails.

Q10. What is your favorite place in the whole world?

A10. My fav place in the world is Shanghai. It is the largest city in the world, renowned international metropolis with electrifying nightlife and best place to relish authentic Chilli Chicken :P.

Q11. Is there a recipe you would love for us to create and share with you on our blog?

A11. Any authentic traditional Muslim main course recipe is something I would really want you to share with all the blogger friends.

My 11 questions for the nominees:-

a. Which is the most unique dish you have ever had and where?

b. Other than your niche, on what other topic would you like to blog around?

c. What will you do if you win a jackpot of $1 Million?

d. How can you relate food, love and place altogether?

e. If you are granted a wish to transform yourself into a celebrity who will it be?

f. If you become invisible for a day, what would you like to do?

g. What are the points on the basis of which you criticize a write up?

h. Given a chance to change the name of potato and tomato what would you name them?

i. All that glitters is not gold. Have you been in such a situation that compelled you to say this? Please elaborate.

j. A yummy dessert for diabetics is?

k. Which is the most unique food you’ve ever tasted/eaten?

About Me:-

Hi, I am @fud4urmood, Ema Jones. I love blogging and sharing experiences with my friend bloggers. My interest revolves around writing, cooking, listening to radio FM and reading fiction.

Since I am a big time foodie, I love writing about food from extreme poles of the world, recipes relating to different festivals, health tips and food for cheering everyone’s mood as the name of my blog suggests..

Catch me on twitter:– @fud4urmood

I am available on Pinterest as well :

Here are my 5 Nominees for the Liebster Award

1. Elena and Tony

Creative Favorite Section and Amazing Clicks. 

2. Khan Family

Pillow Craft and Learn to Teach Section

3. lizamroux

Gardening and Wildlife Section

4. Dominique

Exclusive Fashion World

5. vegeonthetable

Amazing Vegan Food

Congratulations and Celebrations ❤ ❤

Have an Electrifying Weekend 😛

-Love and Regards,

Ema Jones


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    1. Hey Umme AbdurRahman,
      Thanks for liking my blog so much but your blog is equally interesting. Keep writing 🙂

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