Hey friends, how are you all doing? I wanna share my happiness with you. On July 25, 2014, I received a sweet notification from Cristina that I have been nominated for, “NEW AWARD OVER AND OVER AGAIN”. Thanks a million, Cristina. Cristina’s blog is equally interesting. If you have a look at her blog, her blog is divided into four sections namely Interior Design, Travel, Cooking and Photography. She is a real photographer as the clicks taken by her are very attractive. I loved her post, “Meeting Puffy”, her parent’s dog. To add on to this the ideas for home decoration are simply incredible.

Nomination was a shot in the arm for me and now I am eyeing a win. My passion is to make people conscious about exotic recipes, healthy eating, nature cure and a lot more. Even if I don’t win, I will still pursue my passion with dedication. Soon, I will be sharing a big surprise with you fellas that you will definitely like, engage and cherish..

Though I have numerous interests, I’ve settled down with the idea that my blog would primarily consist of food. I write around

  • Worldwide Cuisine (Recipes)

  • Festival’s Food

  • Health Tips

  • Food for Mood

BTW if you want to contribute your recipes and get FREE PUBLICITY please this check out…


  • Thank the person who has nominated you and link this blog to their’s.

  • Write 10 things about yourself either true or false and ask the nominees to answer it correctly, going through your blog.

  • Nominate 10 other bloggers whom who think also deserve this award and let them know about a nomination by dropping a message to them.

  • Publish all the right answers to the questions you have asked in coming days.

10 THINGS ABOUT ME: TRUE OR FALSE? If you go through my blog, you can answer these easily.

1. I have other interests other than cooking.

2. My mom is a great baker.

3. I wanna open a small food corner.

4. I stay in a joint family.

5. I am very fat.

6. I don’t wanna learn more languages.

7. My friends called me “Baby Elephant” when I was a kid.

8. I believe in luck.

9. I love Danielle Steel’s novels.

10. I’m fond of water games.

I’ll be updating the answers in few days, let’s see who guesses all of the them right 🙂

Well, here is my list of nominees, though I wanted to nominate more of my blogger friends:-

1. M. Talmage Moorehead

Excellent Fiction Writer.

2. alinton1 

Easy workouts.

3. Paul

Meditations on Living Healthy.

4. catherineeby 

Wonderful Family Blog.

5. rnbarlo 

Delectable seafood recipes.

6. Natasha

Adorable Family, Motherhood and Adoption Blog.

7. AshleyKate

Tangy and tasty party appetizers.

8. nysha 

Vibrant Light Photography.

9. julianamckie

Healthy Living and Recipes.

10. Dylan Harnett

Fun blog that will make you smile, laugh and cry.

Love and Regards,

-Ema Jones



Add yours

  1. Thanks for accepting the award! And thanks for your kind words, I’m always honoured when i read something positive about my blog… I’m so motivated! Mmh..I have to think a bit about the true/false answer …I’m not sure… Congrats! Cris

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