Best Ever German Street Food

Germany celebrates the victory over Argentina by moving on to the street, dancing to the beats of local music, singing songs loudly and ofcourse enjoying the yummy street food. Nevertheless, the best way to explore authentic cuisine of any country is by tasting it’s street food.

Currywurst with French fries (Popular German Street Food)
Currywurst with French fries (Popular German Street Food)

One can observe various restaurants, Imbiss and Schnellimbiss to relish the German food. There is a remarkable difference between the three. Restaurants have waiters to serve you and the budget may range from large scale to affordable one. Imbiss on the other hand do not have waiters to serve you. This follows the concept of indoor/outdoor seating arrangement. Schnellimbiss is relatively a small hut or portable food truck. Hence, the success ratings of any food corners is marked by three things:-

  • The crowd it attracts

  • The quality and taste of food

  • Health safety certificate from the government

The Spicy Way – Bratwurst is the most popular among the street foods of German. Bratwurst covers the complete category of sausages (pork, beef, veal, poultry and even combinations). Some similar types are as follows.

Seasoned German Bratwurst
Seasoned German Bratwurst
  • Currywurst – It’s a tasty pork bratwurst.

  • WeisswurstThis is a finely-ground sausage paired with a sweet, Bavarian mustard.

DONER KEBAB (Kebap) – This includes spicy meat that’s sliced and wrapped in a flat-bread, pita or roll accompanied by lot of raw veggies. Yummz 😛


ReibekuchenThese are German potato fritters, AKA Kartoffelpuffer.

Fischbrotchen(Fischsemmel) – This includes seafood wrapped in crunchy roll.

FlammkuchenBread is covered with Gruyere cheese, creme fraiche and bacon. It is somewhat pizza-style treat.

Pommes Frites – Enjoy French fries served with mayonnaise.

The Sweet Tooth Way– Not only for kids, but the people of all age groups love satisfying the sweet tooth. Let’s see what is covered under the popular sweet German street food. Pretzel is the first word that comes to our mind while talking about German street food. Pretzel is a unique knot-like shape sweet bakery product.

Different types of Pretzels
Different types of Pretzels

There are various forms of Pretzel.

  • Berliner – Authentic pretzel, not including any variations.                     

  • Laugenbrezel Special pretzel made only from wheat flour, malt, salt, yeast and water. It’s mild in taste.                              

  • Brezel – This is sweet pretzel coated with cinnamon sugar.

Gebrannte Mandeln or Gebrannte Nüsse –These are crunchy street-roasted nuts coated with sugar and cinnamon, and are irresistible.

EIS or Eiscreme –You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice-cream (Eiscreme). There is difference between the normal ice-cream that we eat and German Eiscreme. This is typically made up of sugar, egg-white, salt, lemon juice, variety of fruits and nut flavors.

World Cup 2014 - Germany Winners
World Cup 2014 – Germany (Winners)

The Germany national football team – Winner of The FIFA World Cup in 2014


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  1. Love street food, from anywhere! How good does that Currywurst and fries with mayo look! My husband is Dutch and they love curry ketchup too and even have a special mayo called Fritessaus just to go on hot chips. Thanks for making me hungry.

    1. Currywurst and fries with mayo are my all time fav 😛
      Even I’ve heard that Fritessaus is a yummy Dutch dipping sauce. I’ll try for sure 🙂

    1. Hi Shane,
      Well said! German street food brings rich culinary rewards when you dip into layers of ethnic diversity.
      Thanks for following.
      Do check my latest blog.

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