Enjoy FIFA with Brazilian Food

From beer can chicken to grilled flank steaks, Brazilian food is famous worldwide for it’s distinct flavor. Brazil la la la la la la la la, this was what my neighbors were singing few days before they left for Brazil to watch the great FIFA World Cup 2014 Live. Wow! They have their relatives in Brazil and said it’s the best time to explore Brazil, and why not! But as I always say that any trip is incomplete without food, look at what they enjoyed the most. They sent me some of the worth seeing clicks. I felt like sharing it with you.

Churrascaria Yummy Delights
Churrascaria Yummy Delights

Ever heard of Churrascaria restaurants? Churrascaria restaurants are very popular in Brazil. Churrascaria or churrasqueria is AKA steakhouse. Well, for simplifying, churrascaria is a place that serves grilled meat eg. beef, pork, sausage, chicken etc. In Brazil, churrasco simply means barbecue. Countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile follow the same concept. Here portable churrasqueiras are used. In Argentina and Uruguay, churrasco refers to any boneless chunk of beef that’s sliced as thin as a steak and grilled.

Serving Style of Churrascaria
Serving Style of Churrascaria

Something really interesting about Churrascaria restaurants is that they have special waiters who carry the grilled meat. They are called passadores. And the best part is that you can dine for hours and hours. Once when we are done, we need waving a small white flag or a red disk. This indicates that the waiters can stop serving us. These grilled steaks can be paired with different wine eg. dry red wine, jammy red wine, tannic wine, mild wine etc. As far as drinks are concerned, how can anyone forget Caipirinha? Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. It’s made up of cachaca, which is a sugarcane hard liquor. Cachaca is the most common and popular distilled alcoholic beverage. It’s AKA Pinga or Caninha. Brazilian-style authentic chimichurri sauce is well paired with these heavenly steaks.

Caipirinha Drink
Caipirinha Drink

Acai berry is another food that takes Brazil by storm. Acai tree is a type of palm tree. It is found chiefly in Amazon rainforest region. Brazilians discovered that it has number of healing powers, if consumed regularly. It has extraordinarily high nutritional value. Acai berry helps in weight reduction. It also gives glow to the skin. It is very helpful in digestion. It reduces irritation. It boosts energy and has ample of anti-aging goodness loaded in it. Acai berry can be consumed raw or in form of tablet. It is also used in beverages like juice, smoothies or energy drinks. Other food products under Acai berry are jelly and ice cream.

Acai berry Bowl
Acai berry Bowl

Knowing such goodies of Brazil, I also feel like trying this yummy food out. What about you?

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  1. Hey Ema, I am Brazilian and love churrasco (picanha is an awesome meat cut from Brazil) and all of the other dishes you described. Coincidentally, I just wrote a blog post with the recipe for Caipirinhas (http://happytummynow.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/drinking-caipirinha-to-celebrate-summer) and also for Batida de Coco (an amazing coconut cocktail http://happytummynow.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/sipping-a-coconut-cocktail-batida-de-coco-makes-it-for-a-perfect-summer-day). Check it out when you have a second. Most of my recipes are either Brazilian or influenced by the Brazilian cuisine since I was born and raised there 🙂

    1. Hey, I find Caipirinha really refreshing with a kick of lime and Cachaça is incredible, I’m crazy about the sugarcane flavor…

      Batida de coco has a lovely coconuty blend 🙂
      These drinks are must for weekend parties <3<3

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