Very-inspiring Blogger Award

Hello friends, it has been more than a year, I’ve been into blogging. I’m really glad that I’ve been nominated for “Very-inspiring Blogger Award” by evaenlien. Hey, Evaenlien thanks a lot for liking my ideas on food and believing in me. I find your blog equally interesting. Her posts are around travel, food, inspiration, beauty, home and stuff, which I really admire and enjoy reading. I suggest that you must give a read as well. Being nominated by her is really a matter of honor. Thanks a million Evaenlien 🙂

Very-inspiring Blogger Award
Very-inspiring Blogger Award

Though I have numerous interests, I’ve settled down with the idea that my blog would primarily consist of food. I write around

  • Worldwide Cuisine (Recipes)

  • Festival’s Food

  • Health Tips

  • Food for Mood

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I very much believe in the saying that there is no sincerer love than the love of food, and most of us are foodies out here. So I thought of sharing the nuggets of my thoughts over food with my blogger friends. I also write around Vegan and Gluten-free niche. It feels great to share the ideas, variations, suggestions etc. with people across the sea. Well, I would sincerely pray that like always, hard work may win. My blessings are with best of my blogger friends.

Few Guidelines for the people I’ve nominated:-

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Link him/her through your post that you will be writing exclusively for Very-inspiring Blogger Award.

2. List all these rules.

3. Nominate 15 other interesting blogs. Let the nominees know about their nomination through your message. I am informing them right away.

4. Display the award logo in your blog. Follow the person who has nominated you.

5. Write 7 facts about yourself.

Here are 7 facts about myself:-

1. I stay alone with my mom, she sold various cakes in her young age and is a great baker. I hope that I match up to her one day, though it’s tough job.

2. I was very fat when I was a teenager and my friends use to call me baby elephant. Though I am fit now some still call me so.

3. During my college I started yoga and continued it for 6 years and now I am fit and fine.

4. I want to gain fluency in atleast 5 languages before I die.

5. I am very fond of homemade food. I and my mother wanted to open a small food corner but fell short of money.

6. I love pets, especially dogs and parrots, I loved the small farm we had when my father was alive.

7. I believe that man makes his own destiny. I don’t believe in luck, I plan and follow up with hard and smart work.

Here are my 15 dearest nominees, though I wanted to add more but could select only a few.

1. Tammy McLeod

Amazing facts on Ingredients

2. Jessica

Lively Summer blogs (Lifestyle)

3. Beets and Butter

Vegetable Gardening Tips


Fabolous Miscellaneous Tips

5. Carin Smith

Human Welfare

6. livinginthechanges

Excellent Side Recipes

7. Happy Couple of Cooks

Delicious Seafood Recipes

8. She Link

Modern female lifestyle

9. Cristina Cassidy

Sumptuous Drinks and Desserts

10. Meredith

Inspiring Spiritual blogs

11. Joanna

Incredible Recipes

12. Andrea

Stunning Photography

13. Breanna

Unique Health Tips

14. fumblingtowardsevolution

Grain free made easy recipes

15. Sharde

Great food presentation

Thank you all for reading this post. Have a great day ahead 🙂


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