Easter Eggs Fest and Fun

It is often said, “Easter spells the beauty, the rare beauty of life.” Life has been associated with egg, which is the symbol of rebirth, the new beginning as per Christian religion. Easter eggs are decorated in conjunction with the spring season and pagan festivals. The concept of rebirth very well fits the spring holiday of Easter, as it is the celebration of the resurrection of Lord Jesus.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter

Easter is denoted by church prayers at sunrise, Easter ham feast in the eve, and eggs games throughout the day. But why only eggs? Let’s see the traditions and myths behind:

  • In England, during the medieval period, priests used to bless the eggs on the occasion. These were eaten by church goers. This was considered pious for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • In France, it was believed that if eggs were not consumed by people on Easter, they will be bitten by the snake.

  • In Europe, people used to hang Easter eggs on trees. It was believed that if one kept the eggs laid on Good Friday, the yolk will turn to diamond after 100 years.

  • In some countries, people were not allowed to consume eggs during the Lent. They were saved to celebrate the occasion of Easter. Lent is the period prior to Easter, in which people go on fasting.

Dyed red eggs are a tradition at Greek Easter. This symbolizes the blood of Christ, rebirth and new life. Let’s see the myths associated with this color:

  • A tradition of Mesopotamia – The Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs red. This marked the blood of Lord Jesus that was shed during his crucifixion. The church took up this tradition and continues it ever since.

  • The red egg and Mary Magdalene – Legends say that Mary Magdalene plays vital role in the egg-dying tradition. On the trip to Jesus’ tomb, she carried a basket full of cooked eggs for the mourning ladies at the tomb. On seeing the tomb empty, the eggs turned to bright red color, indicating rebirth.

  • Red egg and Mother Mary – Some people credit Mother Mary behind the mystery of red eggs. It was believed that Mary, who was present at the crucifixion of Lord Jesus, carried eggs with her, which she gave to the soldiers out there to have some mercy for her son. When the tears dropped from her eyes, the eggs turned brilliant red.

Fun games with Easter eggs:- Easter brings a lot of fun games for the people of all age groups that revolves around Easter eggs. Let’s have a look at some ancient games that are equally popular even today.

Gobble the Easter egg
Gobble the Easter egg
  • Gobble the Easter egg – Chocolate eggs were tied to the thread from a rope. Children had to eat the egg within the time limit. The child who consumed largest portion was the winner.

Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt
  • Egg Hunt – The elder members of the family used to hide eggs indoors or outdoors. The children had to hunt for it. Its content including jelly beans, cookies, chocolate chips were all kept by the seekers. Children love this game and leave no effort of finding Easter eggs even today.  

The Largest Easter Egg
The Largest Easter Egg
  • The Largest Easter Egg – Women used to participate in the competition. They made huge Easter chocolate eggs, the one who made the largest chocolate egg was declared as the winner.

Apart from this, there are many other games such as egg tapping, egg dancing, egg rolling, pace egg play etc. that add to the mood of the fest. So play best and feel blessed on the occasion of Easter..

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