My Heart Recipes – Happy Valentine’s Day

Everything hearty…Check it out!!!

Seafood Yummzz..

Seafood Yummzz..
Seafood Yummzz..

Roasted Shrimp and Tomato with greens

We can roast, clean shrimp or prawns, as per choice. Use two shrimps at a time with a piece of tomato in between as shown in the image. Squeeze fresh lemon over it with seasoned salt and pepper. Serve with greens. Enjoy!

Smoked Salmon and Crispy Potato with Sour Cream

Salmon can be smoked with spices and lemon. Potatoes can be partially fried. Both can be baked. We can mash and use them both for baking. We can dice the two and bake them as well. Smoked Salmon and Crispy Potato with Sour Cream is the perfect combo to be served as heavy evening snacks.

Heart-shape Tuna Pie

Tuna can be baked or par boiled and then encased in special pastry of heart shapes and then warmed. This can be served with wine, making a heavy snacks for your Valentine to enrich the taste of the date.

For All Veggies

For All Veggies
For All Veggies

Jalapeno Pepper, Onion and Tomato Extra Cheese Pizza

It is often said, ‘there’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap’. This time close your love’s eyes and place this warm pizza on his lap. Your love will be more than surprised to see the pizza of heart shape. The shape requires no such creativity, it can be done with simple knife. Top with oregano and chilli tomato sauce.

Fried Potatoes Heart-shaped Chips

Heart shape cutter is readily available in the market. Thinly slice the potatoes. Make a mixture of cornflour, salt and ground pepper and water. Coat the chips with the mixture. Delicious heart chips are ready in no time. Fry them in batches, topping with your favorite sauce. Yummzzzz!!!

Heart Shape Vegetarian Roasted Mushroom Lasagna

This recipe is a bit time consuming but a very small sacrifice to see a smile on you love’s face. This is rich lasagna entree with its layers of rosemary-roasted mushrooms, nutty fontina cheese plus sweet Parmesan cream sauce. For garnishing, saute some sliced mushrooms in butter with a pinch of rosemary leaves and scatter over the top of the lasagna. Tempting!!!

Meat Fun!!!

Meat Fun!!!
Meat Fun!!!

Chicken Nuggets

Ready made chicken nuggets are available in the market, especially the one with heart shape. It’s a good idea to serve on auspicious occasion of Valentine’s day. Just deep fry them for real quick finger food and spend some quality time with your date.

Minced-Lamb Meatloaf

Lamb meat is very tender. Adding some mint and garlic, ginger flavor would enhance the taste. Minced meat loaf can be pre-prepared, we can bake the batches in advance. We just require warming them up during our date and spend maximum time with our soul-mate.

Pan-Fried Beef Steak

Cooking steak on the grill and pan frying it are similar. Both use dry heat technology, which creates a delicious brown crust on the surface of the meat, and intensifies its flavor through the process of evaporation. When you pan fry steak, there are three ways to season it. These are you can rub spices on it, marinate it in curd, or make a sauce, plum sauce or strawberry or any of your choice and add onto it.

Some Salad, Some Soup

Some Salad, Some Soup
Some Salad, Some Soup

Beeting Hearts Salad

Adorable and tasty heart shaped beet with goat cheese, chive mousse, greens will make a real hearty salad for your love and make your heartbeat ask for more of it. Hearty, healthy and definitely enticing…

Heart Beet Soup

With added creaminess and a lovely presentation, you can swirl this vibrantly colored beet soup with sour cream. Even without the additional decoration, the bright and vibrant color of this soup will make the candle light dinner, show-stopper.

Hearty Croutons Soup

This soup can be made in advance, then reheated and garnished. The rich, creamy broccoli soup can be served with heart shape croutons to keep up the flavor of the day.

So ready for the date??

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