Herby quinoa salad with green beans and feta

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I didn’t exactly set out to turn last night’s dinner into a blog post. It was so tasty though that we ate dinner in near-silence, compulsively shoveling each forkful into our mouths, slightly surprised that a salad could be this delicious. I only managed to snap one photo of it, half-devoured, before the light fell too low to capture it with any level of success.

Of course any meal containing quinoa equals nutritious with a capital ‘N’ which also leaves me feeling virtuous with a capital ‘V’. I actually cooked up a load of quinoa with The Girl in mind. I used two thirds of the cooked volume for our dinner and reserved one third for her. My cunning plan being to use this quinoa as a base for a filo parcel filling so if all goes well I’ll follow this post with another Mini-me meal idea.

I prefer…

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