Cheers for Foodaholics!!

George Bernard Shaw, one of the profound Irish writers said, ‘there is no sincerer love than the love of food’. This is a remarkable statement as far as intense food lovers are concerned. Any person would reel off couple of delectable dishes or may be even more without hesitation, once he’s asked about his favorite food or cuisine. Not only homo sapiens, but animals find it difficult to control their taste buds when it comes to savory meal. My pet Bruno, pure Alsatian, is almost on the verge of breaking his rope leash, once he smells the meat boiling in the kitchen.

Even Garfield, one of our favorite cartoon characters, is loved not only for the unique humor but also for his intense craving for food. There is no doubt that food and mood are interrelated. Food is a complete dose that can revitalize the worst of our mood. We are so pleased to see the Chinese platter once we are back from our hectic working day. The cold dessert after dinner definitely serves as icing on the cake.  Love for food knows no boundaries.

Whether it is New Year or Christmas, most of us wait for the festivals to arrive so that we can have the most popular luscious food of that occasion be it the Aussie meat pie or sumptuous maple syrup pancake. Isn’t it? Well there is nothing to hide, food is an art and must be consumed in the best way we want. Food habits, to a large extent, decides compatibility of couples and it’s true that chocolate in any form doubles the romance, especially the dark liquid chocolate rolled in strawberry. Yummz!!!! Rest of the fun can be discussed later. Sparkling cocktails act like a booster in those intimate moments.

Agility of taste buds may vary from person to person. Some people are fond of ultimate spicy meal whereas some always crave of having honey like desserts. Taylor Swift’s all time favorite food is sweet and mushy cheesecake while the Hollywood’s swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen loves crispy and spicy bacon in any form. Barack Obama, America’s first black president, who declares broccoli as his favorite food, is equally fond of junk food like burger and hotdog. And to our surprise he’s got that sensuous six packs, any girl on earth would love to admire.

It’s a myth that slender people are not fond of food. Just go for your favorite dance steps and a morning walk and there you are with an absolutely flaunting body. After all, eating and dancing are the ultimate source of living life to the fullest. No ifs and buts in the food habits can result in a happier life. Yes this is my own experience. I am a foodaholic yet slim, trim and the best part is that I am happy and gay.. Hey! not that way. And yes the more goodies you pile, the better you feel, it’s my belief. Food is my religion, what’s yours????



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