Say Bye to Dandruff With These Easy Tips

Remedies to control dandruff

Dandruff is a condition marked by appearance of white flakes on the scalp. This happens because of the pushing out of dead cells as new cells emerge. This makes those white flakes all the more prominent. Sometimes the condition becomes worse, making the scalp sore, reddish and damn itchy.

What to Eat and What Not

1. Intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits is advisable.

2. Fish oil improves the texture of hair and skin. Fish oil is also available as supplements and hence must be consumed to keep the scalp dandruff free.

3. You should consume skimmed milk and non dairy product.

4. Vitamin B complex is also good for healthy skin and hair.

5. Consuming protein like lean meat, eggs, beans, nuts and fish is recommended.

Miscellaneous Tips

1. Brush and massage the scalp regularly.

2. Apply paste of fenugreek seeds and lemon on the scalp.

3. Using sour yogurt on the scalp, leaving it for some time and rinsing it is also an effective way to control dandruff.

4. Washing hair with green gram powder.

5. Use paste of fresh neem leaves.

6. Rinsing hair with cider vinegar also controls dandruff.


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