The Glastonbury Festival – It’s Talent Galore in England

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is a great fest followed by series of lectures, concerts and recitals. This festival falls on June 21 and is celebrated with great pomp and show in England. Apart from this, the country is indeed a melting pot of artistic and cultural talents such as comedy, theatre and dance. People participate with full vigor and it’s simply a grand exhibition of talent. It is one of the largest open air festivals that put up a great show of music and dance.

The fest is studded with variety of competitions and contests to figure out and reward the best talents. To add on to this, it has other engrossing stuff like Glastonbury Anthems, Fayre, movies, theatre shows based on the theme of this festival, to mention a few.

Talking about the spirit of the festival, it’s a fest of food and drinks. It’s constellated with numerous food stalls that really tantalize the taste buds. Different types of wine bring the best out of the festival.

Just to relish the spirit of the fest at its best, we’ll bring to you the recipe of Pan Fried Sole Fish With Lemon-Butter Sauce in our next update. It is one of the most delectable and luxurious food that people love to consume on this very occasion.

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