10 Tips To Fight Acnes

Acnes are nightmare for girls. These unwanted beauty marks trouble girls like hell. Well, acneImage is a condition of skin that occurs when oil secreting glands are blocked or clogged. During this condition, the skin becomes reddish at the affected zone. Acne is characterized by red pimples on face, neck, back or upper portion of the chest. It occurs chiefly in adolescence and may get continue to sustain till adulthood. If you’re also a victim of this, don’t panic, just follow these 10 wonderful tips, and you’ll get the gleaning skin back:


1. Hygiene is of utmost importance. It is very important to take bath everyday. As far as the face is concerned, washing the face twice daily is advisable.

2. It is very important to remove impurities and the dead skin cells. Use mild soap instead of harsh one.

3. It is recommended to scrub the face gently once in a week with a mild scrub. This removes dead skin cells

4. If you’re facing severe acne problem, it is important to consult the skin specialist. Use medicated soap if recommended by the specialist.

5. We may use many acne products to keep the skin free from acne or pimples. These products may contain elements that can make your skin dry. It is very important to moisturize the skin. Use moisturizers that are appropriate for the skin.

6. If you have oily skin, gel based moisturizers are recommended. It is important to hydrate the skin before it is moisturized.

7. Make-up must be used sparingly. Even if you are going for the party, put on minimum make up. Loud make-up is not very appealing either.

8. Do not use gels or chemicals on your hair. They may drip due to sweat thereby blocking the pores. As a result you may suffer from acne.

9. Do not keep touching your face or pimples all the time. This spreads more and more bacteria. This may also scar the skin.

10. Diet is also very important. Intake of whole grains, fiber, antioxidants, Omega-3 fish oils, green tea, zinc and selenium is advisable.


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