Let’s Take You To “Sandfest” : A Festival of its Own Kind

ImageTexas SandFest is one of the world’s most innovative sand sculpting festival, which was celebrated on April 20 and lasted for three days. People explore their artistic talent by creating unique yet meaningful sand sculptures on Port Aransas beach. Around 200,000 visitors flock at the beach every year to boost the competition among master and amateur sand sculptors. Golf carts with drivers are provided for the tourists, and even they can test their talent amid the pool of some exuberantly talented sculptors. In addition, pets are also cherished and taken care of. The fest not only portrays the artistic talent of the USA, but also serves as a window to see its culinary diversity. People savor cotton candies, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and various types of tacos. Lemonade and flavored shaved ice are also taken to beat the scorching summer on the beach.

Stay tuned as we will bring to you the recipe of Corny Dogs, a widely cherished recipe of this festival, in our next post. Till then visit our Food For Your Mood page on Facebook for some lip-smacking recipes and utterly useful health and kitchen tips. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Food-For-Your-Mood/125852314268711



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