Homemade Remedies To Control Chronic Acidity

We have fallen prey to several lifestyle diseases due to our stressed out and programmed lives. These small discomforts pave the way for more gruesome and fatal diseases. Off all such maladies, Chronic Acidity is certainly the one which people tend to ignore the moment they get relieved by some antacid. Acidity occurs chiefly due to atrocious eating habits of an individual. Spicy and oily food is often difficult to digest. Hence the internal cells have to secrete more acid than they should actually produce. Under eating or overeating also leads to acidity pangs. Eating meals outside regularly or skipping meals or untimely eating habits also form major reasons of acidity. If you don’t put a check on periodical attacks of acidity, beware you’re susceptible to chronic acidity. Symptoms of chronic acidity are nausea, belching, vomiting and mouth ulcers. Hence controlling it is of vital importance for proper functioning of the body.


Tips to Control Chronic Acidity:-

Make it a habit that you consume lots of water every morning. This will wash off excess of acid present in your stomach that had been accumulated over the night. Intake of coconut water thrice a day is also advisable.

Another useful method could be, take a cup of boiling water. Add aniseed to it and keep overnight. Strain that mixture early in the morning. Add teaspoon of honey and keep sipping throughout the day. You’ll feel relieved for the entire day.

Consume fruits such as papaya, banana and watermelon to avoid acidity. Cucumber keeps the stomach light and cool.

Increase Ginger intake in your meals. This helps in improving digestion and heals inner burns.

Taking aniseed after meals is a good practice to keep the acidity at bay.


For Instant Relief:-

Basil leaves gives instant relief from acidity.

Boil water with some chopped mint leaves in it. Sip the mixture slowly. You’ll get the relief from acidity and stomach ache within some time.

Keep a piece of clove in your mouth for some time. Clove juice relieves the abdomen and stomach ache caused due to acidity.

Keep a piece of jaggery in your mouth for some time. Jaggery juice subsides acidity.



Stay tuned to our blog for other such vital tips. 


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