Food That Defines You

Yeah! The title might sound a tad hazy at the first glance. I can already imagine that “What do you mean” kinda expression from you. But, if you spare a couple of minutes on this, you’d certainly find a logical connection. It may loosely appear as your favorite food. But think again. Can you eat your favorite food like every time you’re clueless about what to eat for lunch? I like Apple Pie the most. But I’m sure I can’t eat it like whenever I’m confused about what to order.

To put it in simple words, let’s take a very generic example. How many times has it happened that you scroll down a long menu in a restaurant like five times, eventually ordering something that you ordered during your last visit? I’d have to admit that this is very common with me. 

We all have a dish or a group of some that stay as staple choices somewhere in our subconscious. It drives you to a popular syndrome called – “I-will-check-the-whole-menu-then-crib-and-then-order-my-dish-again.”

There’s a silverline difference between your “favorite food” and “food that defines you”. The boundary is so loose that sometimes both these notions keep jumping across. In most parts of the world, people stick to their staple diets as the food that define them. If you’re an Italian, there are chances that you’d promptly say Pizza or Pasta as “your food”, or would say “Sushi” if you’re a Japanese.

At times, the food that defines you gets so integrated with your personality that people already know what to order food for you before you actually tell them to do so. You must have realized by now which “food actually defines you”. 

Stay tuned with this blog, as I’m gonna provide you some interesting findings from “Food Psychology” and why some people show strange behavior towards food. Why people who’re very particular about low-fat diets can’t control themselves when they see a fried Tuna? Why models who go on dieting end up developing obsessive-compulsive disorder and become anorexic?


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